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  1. bgmddy

    MES tripping GFCI

    My MES didn't trip the GFI when it was stock, but trips it every time since I did the "upgrade". The stock chip tray is half-width and sits about 1/4" above the heating element, It also turned the chips to charcoal, not ash. The upgrade (free for a call to MasterCraft Customer Service) is a...
  2. bgmddy

    Two Pork shoulders in a Mini-WSM clone.

    I've also put foiled items in the MES (closed the vents on Mini to snuff the coals and save them for next smoke) but I also like finishing in an electric countertop roaster -- makes the kitchen smell GREAT! I love reading about Mini experiments, whether with different charcoal grills (like...
  3. bgmddy

    Post A Picture of Your COMPLETED Mini-WSM Here ! (Mini Weber Smokey Mountain, MWSM)

    I got the IMUSA from Wal-Mart for $21.47. It was out of stock, but I signed up for "Get In-Stock Alert" and got an e-mail about a week later -- free Site To Store shipping and it arrived in 3 days.  http://www.walmart.com/ip/IMUSA-Tamale-and-Seafood-32-Quart-Steamer/13370045 The Vasconia is...
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  5. bgmddy

    Couldn't stop myself!

    My IMUSA pot wouldn't fit in its lid either.  So I turned the lid upside down, bent the edge of the lid to fit the SJ kettle, and riveted them together ala BDSkelly.  It raised the pot about 2":
  6. bgmddy

    IMUSA lid

    My last naturally-aspirated cook (w/o IQ blower) stalled out after 3 hrs so figured I need an ash baffle.  I thought a food can MIGHT give off toxic or bad tasting gasses so got a stainless steel pet bowl from Wally World for 97 cents and drilled a bunch of holes in it: I'll put it over the...
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  8. bgmddy

    What's a good cover for UDS

    I haven't actually done this yet, but will someday... I use an upside-down Weber kettle (NOT its lid) for my UDS lid, so it's basically a hemisphere.  There are beach ball patterns on the 'net, including some that are calculators (you plug in diameter, no. of panels, seam width, etc. & it spits...
  9. bgmddy

    Jumbo Joe build into a Jumbo Mini ...Introducing the "Jimmy"

    Thanks!  I think FWIsmoker used the Concord pot, on eBay today for $105.55 w/ free shipping.  I'd rather not drill SS so am still hoping to find an aluminum pot.  I sent measurements to WEBstaurantstore.com yesterday; will let you all know how that goes.  If I was ABSOLUTELY SURE the Concord pot...
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  11. Pot crimping / modification question

    Pot crimping / modification question

  12. bgmddy

    Pot crimping / modification question

    I used a 4" c-clamp to bend the rim in slightly.  Folded a strip of cardboard into a "U" 10-12 plies thick to protect the pot.  Put the cardboard over the rim, the c-clamp over the cardboard, cranked it down, loosened it up, moved it  ~3/4", clamped it down again...  Repeated all around the pot...
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  14. bgmddy

    Jumbo Joe build into a Jumbo Mini ...Introducing the "Jimmy"

    Great thread!  Just got a Jumbo Joe. I don't NEED an 18-1/2" WSM substitute, but can't resist building one.  Hoping to find an aluminum pot that fits; otherwise have some ideas about getting a roll of aluminum flashing 20" or 24" wide & riveting it into a cylinder.  Problem: the diameter at the...
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  16. bgmddy

    IMUSA lid

    On my first few cooks quite a few burning coals fell thru the charcoal grate.  I've seen other posts about buying a 2nd charcoal grate & turning them 90 degrees to each other; but I already had some scraps of expanded metal left over from making the charcoal ring...  So hammered the 2 largest...
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  18. bgmddy

    How did you come up with your screen name?

    Because I live near the Mississippi River (the Big Muddy).  It's also a joke, because I'm 5'9" and blond...  neither big nor muddy. Good thread!
  19. bgmddy

    Super Mini-WSM build with different pot for more height.

    Microwave turntable; 15/16" gap all around.  I saved this one when I replaced an OTR microwave, but suspect any appliance repair shop would almost give them away.  Tempered glass?  I didn't wrap it in foil on the first cook as I thought the glass would be easy to clean.  WRONG!  Actual grime...
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