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  1. gypsyseagod

    the plateau

    i just noticed it didn't green highlight for the definition. can we get that added ?
  2. gypsyseagod

    w dude ain't feelin' so hot

    hope yer feelin' better brother.
  3. gypsyseagod

    2008 memphis in may

    the blues-n-cues bbq team is prepping up to do memphis in may(our 1st serious outing) anyone wanna help & be part of the team ? this is 1 of the heaviest contests in the country & i'd like to hit it hard & do it right w/ some fellow smokers from here. if yer close to me or memphis & ya can do it...
  4. gypsyseagod

    just another cook- Qviews

    corny hens w/ wine herb marinade, couple different style plain fatties, & hot italian sausages....
  5. gypsyseagod

    gosm wide vs. smoke vault

    i'm looking @ both & cost for the trailer... my question is how much can i load & how thick is the metal ? according to debi i can prolly do up to 12 9lb butts(3 per rack) or stack up to 8 racks or ribs(layed flat- 2 per rack 4 racks) but my other main question is how much gas consumption. and...
  6. gypsyseagod

    squeaking it out- nfl sunday

    dallas just about gave me a heart attack- sorry lions fans.
  7. gypsyseagod

    bah humbug- it's always something

    never fails in december..... thetruck is in the shop for the 2nd time this week-fuel pump this time & it's in the tank. and now to top things off the septic tank is plugged up which of course wifey is @ work & it's raining so i can't do nuthin'. is it happy hour yet ???? ok enough whining for 1...
  8. gypsyseagod

    rainy cold pork fest

    yesterday was a wash(those in chat knew what i was talking about) but i'm going for it today. pork butt,pork ribs,fatty,& hot italian sausages. gonna open up the trailer & do the pit thats in there - no sense getting totally wet lol. Qview to come.
  9. gypsyseagod

    smoked grinders fer lunch

    fer ya that don't know- a grinder is basically a philly cheese steak w/ extras. i used some smoked milanesa cut beef(ya can use thin sliced pork or roast) smoked or skillet fried onion,garlic,& mushrooms over melted provalone & swiss cheese thin sliced bell pepper & black olives lettuce &...
  10. gypsyseagod

    'bout time for a real smoke again

    i haven't been around too much lately as i have another project (besides the trailer)i've been working on. the recording studio is now complete-see here(1st 3 pics) http://s178.photobucket.com/albums/w247/gypsyseagod/ so it's time to celebrate w/a decent smoke. i picked up a7lb butt,rack of...
  11. gypsyseagod

    today's grubbage w/ Qview

    been kinda busy lately w/ wiring the new recording studio & santa came early and coming again monday w/ new toys( man gotta have a winter business to right ?)anyway- here's todays Qview- i heard we were lacking... nothing special just a fatty,chix(yes a actually used a sauce),smoked au graten...
  12. gypsyseagod

    oh debi... how 'bout them cowboys......

    i had to watch it late plays & lags on the comp but i actually got the game.sorry debi but the boys won. i did fajitas & smoked some shrooms onion & roasted some jalepenos. pics tomorrow. it was a great game- wish i could have seen it the right way...like live or even in real time....
  13. gypsyseagod

    been scarce & welcome to new members

    i've been working on the catering trailer & working on my recording studio so i haven't cooked much or been around lately. i'd like to say welcome to all the new members over the last 3 wks or so & aloha to all the rest a ya guys. the studio is coming along nicely(for the smf musician crowd)and...
  14. gypsyseagod

    late t-day bird pics

    just getting around to this. 1)17lb bird 2)the spread 3)Aimee'sfirst turkey leg.
  15. gypsyseagod

    to good friends & what i cooked today

    i cooked absolutely nuttin'- i watched the last nascar, the packers, & the cowboys- but it's great to come on the site for a Qview, a laugh, & just see what friends are up to today......thats what makes this site great.
  16. gypsyseagod

    smf thanx day smorgasbord

    post your recipe here for a dish so we can all find it in 1 thread. here's my cajun stuffing recipe 1 1lb bag stuffing or bread crumbs 1lb peeled & washed crawfish 1 lb smoked & crumbled fatty 1/8 cup crushed pecans 1 stalk celery 1/4 cup diced onion 4 cloves mashed garlic 1/2 cup white wine 1...
  17. gypsyseagod

    negative rep points revisited

    it's silly & shouldn't even be discussed but if yer gonna give them( i got 2 lately)give them for a good reason & add your name to them like an adult-don't just put you suck on there like a c-sh*t child. the irag soldier's blog was a good post- sorry if you like the media the way it is & you...
  18. gypsyseagod

    up way too late- country breakfast

    fried poke chops w/ mom's milk & pepper gravy,rice, & over eggs-the toast & apple butter was still in-i gotta go get poachers. morning all.....oops i fergot the pic
  19. gypsyseagod

    homemade rum soaked pineapple

    not sure where this should fall in but...rum soaked pineapple for thanksgiving 1 whole fresh pineapple sliced & quartered 1/2 cup brown sugar a light dusting of cinnamon across each slice before quarting 1/4 gallon chilled(like syrup)bacardi gold sealed until thanxgiving & flipped daily on...
  20. gypsyseagod

    iraq & the truth-for vets day

    i know we're supposed to be about food but... it being veteran's day(observed). check out the history channel for a new show call "band of bloggers"- it's personal blogs & vids by soldiers.if yer tired of the liberal censored media-this is what it really is.god speed brothers & sisters.
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