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  1. bwhite82986

    Too billowy?

    I put about 5-6 chunks on top, let it settle, then it billows like that for about 5-10 minutes after meat goes on before settling down
  2. bwhite82986

    Too billowy?

    Second angle
  3. image.jpg


  4. Too billowy?

    Too billowy?

  5. bwhite82986

    Too billowy?

    I know I posted another thread about thin blue smoke, but still new at this I realize there is somewhat of a learning curve....thoughts please. This was 5 minutes after I put the meat on, so unsure of a flare up
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  7. bwhite82986

    Maple smoking wood?

    Hey guys, we cut down a part of an older maple that broke during a storm a few weeks ago. My gut tells me maple would not be good smoking for the same reason pine would not be good...potential sap but internet searches tell me otherwise. Who am I to believe? I believe it's sugar maple. they are...
  8. bwhite82986

    Good smoke?

    Well that's comforting....longest smoke to date....fired it up at 7, wrapped it at around 1230 and pulled it at around 3. I kept trying to figure out why temps kept falling within minutes of adding chunks and realized when I started to foil that all the charcoal had burned out so had to refill...
  9. bwhite82986

    first butt planned tomorrow

    Just got it out and ate it...took about 8 hours total. Took it off at 200 and rested it for 45 minutes . Went to lift by the bone to transfer to the dish I was going to pull it off in and bone released and slid out clean with no meat attached under the weight of the butt. Ate mine without sauce...
  10. bwhite82986

    Good smoke?

    Also don't know if this would classify as thin blue smoke
  11. Good smoke?

    Good smoke?

  12. bwhite82986

    Good smoke?

    Been having trouble maintaining temps because an unexpected storm ran through and it dropped to 190. Got it back up but wondering if this is too much smoke? Hopefully I didn't add too much wood at one time
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  14. bwhite82986

    Kettle or uds for long cooks

    So I will be getting an offset(probably a highland) and had decided on a uds as well but after researching etc I am leaning more towards kettle instead of the uds. Any thoughts? From what I have seen you can get a good low and slow with kettle that is around 8-10 hrs with snake method and it...
  15. bwhite82986

    first butt planned tomorrow

    Pulled it out of marinade and after discussing with my friend who has smoked meats for years, he said he rubs his butts 24 hrs before the smoke so rubbed them down with butt rub for a base, and added a little cayenne powder, paprika, and black pepper, then foiled and threw it in the fridge ready...
  16. bwhite82986

    first butt planned tomorrow

    I will pull it tomorrow morning then
  17. bwhite82986

    first butt planned tomorrow

    We are probably going pulled instead of sliced....thought today was Friday so threw it in the marinade today. I either pull it out tomorrow morning and go ahead and rub it down the day before or leave it in marinade for 48 hours and hope the acv doesn't over tenderize it
  18. bwhite82986

    first butt planned tomorrow

    Hopefully tomorrow I can actually take my time and not rush anything. Got my butt marinating in zesty Italian and apple cider vinegar for 24 hours and will throw it in the smoker tomorrow. I imagine it will take considerably longer than the poi I did my first time. Just going to use butt rub on...
  19. bwhite82986

    Uds intake-question on single intake

    Hey guys, I know this has been beaten to death but have a question on doing single intake for uds. The largest pipe at local Lowes is 1 1/4". I know my current brinkman has a fixed hole that can't be more than 3/4" but I understand the elbow will restrict air flow. Would a single 1 1/4" with an...
  20. bwhite82986

    Going to try rump roast on Saturday-thoughts?

    It was sweet and spicy and a little smokey
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