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  1. dwags55


    Can I download pictures from my computer straight to SM for a Qview
  2. dwags55

    Vacuum sealing to marinate

    Hello all do any of you use a vacuum sealer for a marinating process to help draw the flavors into the meat Thanks David in Slidell, Louisiana
  3. dwags55


    I know what the OTBS stands for & that you have to be nominated for the order. But how do you get nominated?Thanks y'all David in Louisiana
  4. dwags55

    Camping Fatty on Little Chief

    Hello all just got back from camping did my first attempt @ a Fatty & didn't come out to bad the flavors where good I use a recipe from this site but have never been able to find it again I don't remember the author but it was delicious I had a small blow out & it wasn't a complete Fatty more...
  5. dwags55

    Hope Y'all are Happy Now

    Oh Yeah this is all fun & games for y'all unlike most of y'all I have to wait a whole year to get my 1 year chip in the mean time how do I explain to my wife all of this new equipment that I'm about to buy huh come on let me see what kind of excuse y'all used because I know y'all must have some...
  6. dwags55

    Hope Y'all are Happy Now

    Hope Y'all are happy now I haven't had my first 40" MES 4 weeks & now because I don't want to bring that bad boy camping with us I had to get a Little Chief electric smoker I know y'all are thinking what is it with this newbie & electric smokers well just starting out is that it's easy for me &...
  7. dwags55

    Searing meat before you smoke it

    I was looking for a good bark that Al was refering to. You folks are great I just thought I would get some good advice & I did this is a great site & full of information I am just learning about the search bar I am learning leaps & bounds Thanks everyone I value y'alls opinions & appreciate the...
  8. dwags55

    Searing meat before you smoke it

    Good morning Y'all David in Slidell, Louisiana here do any of y'all sear any of the meat you smoke before you smoke it the reason I ask is I have a MES & have seen some of the post chat about the crispy outer crust i'm fixin to do the Prime Rib roast while we are out camping this weekend & I...
  9. dwags55

    Prime Rib for 8 people

     Hello again folks I want to get Prime Rib Roast how many #'s should I buy for 4 men & 4 lady's Thank you all for any help David in Slidell, Louisiana
  10. dwags55

    Boiling meat

    Hey I knew better I was just trying to prove a point to my sweet little wife of 30 PLUS YEARS I hope she will get the message now Thank you all folks Thank you all folksThank you all folks       Thank you all folks  Thank you all folks     Thank you all folks   Thank you all folks   of...
  11. dwags55

    Boiling meat

    Newbie again Do any of y'all suggest boiling beef or pork before smoking it & your reason why Thanks for any input David in Slidell Louisiana
  12. dwags55

    Its Newbie again

    Thank you folks for all of y'alls input David
  13. 830x245px-LL-830x245px-LL-4c477d41_doors.png


  14. dwags55

    Its Newbie again

    David here do I have to wait till I have posted a certain # of post before I can change my image I saw an album but unable to change image I am sure it is on this site some where but I can't find it unless i'm looking like my kids with my eyes closed Thanks for any help
  15. images.jpg


  16. 40-inch Masterbuilt electric smoker.jpg

    40-inch Masterbuilt electric smoker.jpg

  17. Thumbs.db


  18. dwags55

    Prime Rib (Best ever)

    Hello I'm a newbie & I don't know all the acronyms such as CBP & AMNS Thank you for any help David
  19. dwags55

    Just some thoughts & questions from a newbee

    Thank you folks for y'alls help
  20. dwags55


    Thank you folks for your input it's been a big help
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