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    MES 40 Mod

    I've had my smoker for about 4 yrs, One of the first before they started having problems. The last few smokes I've noticed some wild temp swings 10-15 degrees sometimes 20. If I set it at 250 will run up to 265 then shut off untill 240 back up again. It's digital so can't attribute it to...
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    Cooking Ribeye Roast

    I've been buying whole ribeys at Sams Club for several months and aging them in the UMAi dry bags which works out well tenderizing them. All you can get at Sams is choice which aren't all that tender. I was thinking of doing a ribeye roast on the grill but really don't know the procedure. I...
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    Assistance With Larger Smoker Load

    I've been asked to supply the pulled pork for our Fall Festival at the church. I need enough for 100 people going thru the line (will be poretioning out meat on the bun), I figure 3 10lb butts will do the job accounting for fat loss and shrinkage I should end up with 22 to 23 lbs of meat. I've...
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    Smoke aChuck Roast?

    I got to thinking the other day about the only beef I hadn't smoked was a chuck roast, not quite as tuff as brisket but close. Got one out of the freezer, thawed, rubbed down with spices, layer of dryed tomatoes on top and to keep it moist some sliced hog jowls on top rather than bacon as they...
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    Trade a AMZ pellet for sawdust model

    I have a used AMS pellet smoke box I cannot get to work with my external smoke box, I thought I would try the sawdust model. I f anyone would like to do a straight trade leave me a message, thanks. 
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    Ready for winter or bad weather

    My new enclosure Grease trap door naturally
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    Expected Erroneous Temp Readings

    Unpacked my MES40 I've had for a couple of weeks yesterday, set it for 240 for a couple of hours to burn off the oils inside. I have a Taylor instruments digital probe that I use with my Bradley and I trust it as the temps stay with 1 degree plus or minus beside my PID. I put a big spud in with...
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    MES bradley smokebox Mod

    I saw somewhere on a forum someone grafted a bradley smokebox to a MES40, I have a Bradley and to be quite frank I'm spoiled with the smoking part of it. If anyone can direct me to this thread I would be grateful. Anyone heard of the timeframe for the release of the Amaze-n-Smoker retool for hot...
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    Not Your Mother's Meatloaf

    I decided to try this recipe I got another forum and it came out excellent. Usual ingredients for meatloaf, 3/4 lb chuck, 1/4 lb grd suasage, diced peppers, bread crumbs, garlic, sea salt, pepper, cumin, diced onions. I cooked the onions and peppers just a little to soften them up. Last summer...
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    Hello All

    I've been here for few weeks looking around posted a couple of times. I live in WNC, retired, I flyfish, play guitar and smoke a lot in summer. I come from the dark side, have a Bradley original with a PID controller. I looked at a masterbuilt in Dundee MI. last week on a trip and it seemed to...
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