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  1. rowdyrawhide

    Enterprise Sausage Stuffer replacement tubes

    Just restored my families old Enterprise stuffer, and the tube is in really bad shape.  Was wondering if anyone had any good leads on a replacement tube.  How are the plastic tubes vs Stainless?  better/worse?   Thanks Aaron
  2. rowdyrawhide

    Pork belly prices?

    I stopped by one of the local butchers yesterday and was quoted $3.89/lb for pork bellies.  Is this a pretty good price, is there anything certain I want to ask for?  I am planning on making some home made bacon. Thanks  aaron
  3. rowdyrawhide

    String Cheese

    I smoked some cheese last week and am now hooked.  I was wondering if anyone has smoked string cheese and maybe had some pointers.  If not I guess I will have to do a little trial and error. Thanks  Aaron
  4. rowdyrawhide

    My New "Tailgater" Mini WSM

    Well fist off I would like to to thank these threads for sparking my interest in making one of these: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/121337/heres-my-mini-wsm-build-longish-with-qview http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/123864/another-mini-wsm...
  5. rowdyrawhide

    Creole VS Cajun Seasoning

    Ok can someone more knowledgeable please tell me the differences in these two spice combinations? Thank You
  6. rowdyrawhide

    Knife transport

    How do my fellow smokers transport their butcher knives so that they aren't banging against each other during travel?  I have just been throwing my knives in a tool box and letting them bang together in the past but they were cheap garage sale knives so I didn't care.  In the last year I have...
  7. rowdyrawhide

    Santa Maria Style Grill

    Ok guys, I have decided I need to try to make one of these, yeah I know it is not a smoker.  I have some questions though, I know nothing about these.   Is it basically just an open fire pit?   Is there some type of draft down below?   How about a wood rack?   Ash clean out?   They seem to...
  8. rowdyrawhide

    Amateur Comp in Topeka sept 7th and 8th

    Thought I would post a little notice over here for this too http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/126178/amateur-bbq-comp-topeka-ks-sept-7th-and-8th Thanks  Aaron
  9. rowdyrawhide

    Amateur BBQ Comp Topeka KS Sept 7th and 8th

    Hey just thought I would let anyone know in the area that may be interested about this.   It is back on after the gentleman that ran it last year had to step down, they finally found a replacement for him.  This comp is very low key, if you have ever wanted to do a comp but may have been...
  10. rowdyrawhide

    Does anyone Inject AND Brine your turkeys

    We (my father and I) have injected several turkeys with TQ and some other spices, and then smoked them, they all turned out fantastic.  I was really wanting to brine this one too, since I have started brining my Chicken I wouldn't think of doing it any other way.   So I am wondering if this is...
  11. rowdyrawhide

    Chicken Rub for Turkey??

    I have smoked a couple of wild turkeys with my dad a few years ago and we injected with butter and they were fantastic.  That said I am gonna smoke one for Thanksgiving, and I think I want to put a rub on it as well.  I did a search and there is quite a bit to sift through, been doin it for...
  12. rowdyrawhide

    Some burnt ends

    The sister in law had her birthday yesterday and decided she wanted burnt ends.  I had a couple of points in the freezer so I made it happen.  One had a spicy rub, and the other was a first run with a cocoa based rub.  The cocoa rub shows some real promise, I need to spice it up a bit tough...
  13. rowdyrawhide

    Looking for a Turkey Fryer

    I am going to fry a turkey this year, and thought I would ask if anybody has suggestions on a fryer.  I will only use it once or twice a year for turkey and probably use it a dozen or so times for fish fry's.  Found one for about fifty bucks at wally world, if anyone has one cheaper somewhere...
  14. rowdyrawhide

    Official Kansas Member Roster

    Like the Title says Just list your name and Location as specific or non as you like.  Only requirement is to be from the Sunflower State.   My name is Aaron, I live a few miles north of Topeka now.  Born and raised on a farm in north central Kansas, southeast of Beloit about 30 miles.
  15. rowdyrawhide

    Fellow Smokers in your area

    Do we have a way of knowing who is in our area in case we would want to get in contact other than looking at their profiles?  I did a brief search and supposedly there was a "push pin" map several years ago but it seems to be inactive.  maybe a simple sign up list of sorts where people could...
  16. rowdyrawhide

    Muffin Pan Chicken

    Well ever since seeing/hearing/reading about muffin pan chicken about six months ago, I have finally got around to trying it.   Started with some boneless/skinless thighs,  brined in 1/2 gal of water, 1/4 cup kosher salt, and 1/4 cup brown sugar, and trimmed of most of the fat.  Yeah I know...
  17. rowdyrawhide

    RB Rice Sausage Recipe?

    I have finally gotten the blessing from momma to get a grinder for her kitchenaid mixer, so now I can start making some sausage.  She is not a big fan of my family's breakfast sausage, but she likes the RB Rice medium sausage, so figured if I could possibly replicate it closely she would eat it...
  18. rowdyrawhide

    Took first in ribs!! (Sorry no Qview)

    Well our church had their big fundraising weekend this last weekend, and their first BBQ competition.  There were only nine teams, but we took first in ribs, so it was a small success.  It was alot of fun, and we learned a bunch of things that we will do differently next time.  Sorry there is no...
  19. rowdyrawhide

    Amateur BBQ Comp in Topeka, KS Sept 9th and 10th

    I hope I can post this here, if not mods feel free to delete it. Our church is having a BBQ competition in Topeka, KS on the weekend of Sept 9th and 10th.  It is the first time they have done this and is not KCBS or anything else, totally amateur in every way.  It is more of a "feeler" you...
  20. rowdyrawhide

    Smoked pork loin and fatty (Q-VIEW)

    So had the smoker going and had a pork loin to smoke so fired it up yesterday.  Also made up a fatty as well About a four pound pork loin, sprinkled with a little rub and injected with NEPAS Grapette soda BBQ Sauce: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/forum/thread/106524/grapette-soda-bbq-sauce...
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