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  1. chisoxjim

    Thinking of taking the WSM plunge

    if only others would learn as you have grasshopper.    my 18.5" WSM and (2) 22.5" Weber kettles are all I need,  KISS - I have zero use for gurus and gadgets.
  2. chisoxjim

    Joined WSM Club

    like JIrod said,  the lump does not touch the water pan, there is plenty of clearance.
  3. chisoxjim

    Pork = Flatulence (Gas)

    cheap , enhanced ribs, and crappy bbq sauce would be my guess.   Go buy some fresh pork, and throw the SBR bbq sauce in the garbage.   
  4. chisoxjim

    Joined WSM Club

    I use a method spelled out in Low and Slow,  I fill the ring about 1/4 full with lump, then toss in a few wood chunks,  I then fill the ring the rest of the way.  Depending on weather temp.  I fill the starter 1/2 way for warm days, and full for cold days, and dump the lit lump ontop of the...
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  7. chisoxjim

    Wsm & Tbs

    2nd try at posting this reply...  site wouldnt let the first try through... Used a 22.5" WSM a buddly loaned me last night.  I liked the larger capacity, but the big dog WSM is a fuel hog(not by how much it uses, but how much it takes to load it up.  With that said the big WSM is still holding...
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  10. chisoxjim

    Why do so many people here use the MES?

    this improved site wont let me quote "bearcarver". I was just having some fun,  an Atalnta bbq guy and chef calls both gassers and electrics ovens that smoke. i wouldnt buy/own one, but I have some buddies that use them with decent results(not MES but cookshacks) lighten up francis
  11. chisoxjim

    Why do so many people here use the MES?

    I'm not sure either, I wouldnt use one.  its an oven than smokes, not a smoker imho.  
  12. chisoxjim

    Anyone heard of "Berkshire Heritage" pork? Eaten any??

    pig has been processed, Berkshire spares are waiting for me to pick em' up tomorrow.  Fixin' to fire up my loaner 22.5" WSM and see how much fuel I can burn.
  13. chisoxjim

    Finding good beef

    you have to know your brands,  Hormel, Tyson, smithfield are all pretty much enhanced.  I read that 70% of the pork carried in grocery stores is enhanced, so odds are thats whatother  folks are getting unfortunately. My local butcher, and the local farmers they deal with are not enhanced.  The...
  14. chisoxjim

    Can't Find ???

    Good to know,  I dont think i know anyone who has been banned, but didnt & dont want to come off as an ingrate.  The community you have set up here is a good one, and fun to belong to, thank you.   
  15. chisoxjim

    Can't Find ???

    yep the good ol' days. sadly some folks have left, and some like me have just cut back on what they post. -  its all good & it is what it is.   edit:  I am trying to be as p.c. as I can, and choose my words carefully so I dont get banned or lose my OTBS status.  
  16. chisoxjim

    Can't Find ???

    no problem,  when your right your right.
  17. chisoxjim

    Can't Find ???

    another thing missing is the member list,  it was a  great tool for easily finding and contacting other members, or searching their posts.    The new site fromat has alot of bells and whistles(which I have no use for), and lost alot of great tools.
  18. chisoxjim

    Finding good beef

    I personally stay away from all large grocery chains when buying meat(pork, chicken, beef).  With the exception of Restaurant Depot who does not mess ruin the product with injections. I read labels carefully when buying cryo meat(they have to tell you by law if they have injected the...
  19. chisoxjim

    Can't Find ???

    that was a great feature, and I havent found it here on the new "improved" SMF.  Made it really easy to search recipes, and posts.  Using the search feature on pretty much any forum sucks, and gives back way too many irrelevant replies.   I find myself wasting alot of time, and extra clicks...
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