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    Never, ever cooked a turkey in my life ?????

    Nice job restoring the smoker! Turkey is easier than brisket, no worries. Video's above are great ways. I don't think you'll need the extra smoke from the bottom. It will work out fine.
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    I didn't want this to be my second post.

    Truly very sad to hear this news. He was full of knowledge and wit. Will certainly miss him on this forum. Will send some prayers your way.
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    Right On Time!

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    Hello from the Cayman Islands!

    RTIC will work just fine. The money you save you can buy more meat! I'd look at one with wheels, as they are heavy.
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    Bacon & "Extra Cheese" Burger Pizza

    Excellent! Fine looking Griswold cast iron.
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    Zuppa Toscana Soup

    Nice, I really need to try this.
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    Is this too far gone?

    The A-MAZE-N tube or tray will sit in the bottom. No install need. You should get one just to smoke cheese or any other cold smoke item.
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    Replica for The Shed Rack Attack rub?

    Jeff's Original does not have very much salt. It is solid, I really like the TX rub also. That is my usual for most things.
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    Yoder wait time

    I'd give them a call. There is a lengthy letter on website. Sounds like they're getting back to normal, just very busy. If you have questions or require support, please contact us directly at "[email protected]", or call us at 877.409.6337 (select 1 for Sales or 2 for Customer...
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    First try at smoked butter...think I blew it.

    May need to try butter. When I smoke cheese I only go for 3-4 hrs with one end of dust lit. Could throw a stick in a Mississippi pot roast or other recipe with butter if it doesn't mellow.
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    Smoked Brie

    Try an a-maz-n tray or pellet tube. Will turn your WSM into a cold smoker. I use mine in Weber gasser or kettle. Will work in anything.
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    Homemade nut milk?

    I had to do a google search to see if it was possible...it is. Learned there is something called a nut milk bag that is required. Interesting but I think I'll stick with smoked nuts and cow milk.
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    Got Volentold.....

    Volentold...love it. There are several different ways to do it. You can brine, spatchcock, inject, cure etc. Lots of ways to do it and all tasty. There are tons of turkey threads on here. I'm sure some new ones will be starting soon also. I injected and smoked mine last year.
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    1/3 Pound Frozen Beef Patties. (Ninja)

    Awesome. I like how you always seem to have deviled eggs around. I'm jealous, I need to make those more often.
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    MMMMM… Bacon

    Nice. I love that you used a wellness benefit to make bacon.
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    I joined here specifically to master smoked brisket and I’m 0-3 (.000) so far, attempt 4 starts tonight

    Some folks let it cool a bit before the cooler rest. That way it will not continue to cook in cooler. Can't wait to see how it turns out.
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    Lbs. To smoke a roast.

    A 40lb bag will last several cooks.
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    Italian Sausage And Pepperoni Pizza (Pics)

    Looks great. I preheat my cast iron for a crispier crust. Makes assembly a bit dangerous but works well
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    Cold smoked venison backstrap..

    As for cold smoking try an a-maze-n tray. You can use either pellets or dust. You could also buy a tube. I have both.
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