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  1. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Alton Brown's "Make-Ahead Thanksgiving Gravy"

    I have had Gravy that was so good. I did pour it in a cup and drink it. Love to put it in a thermos when it's single digit temps in the the winter if I'm going to be outside.
  2. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Any hockey fans?

    Die Hard Blues fan since 1979. Only played pond hockey growing up. The talent it takes to play at the NHL level is mind blowing. If you have never tried skating, you would not understand.
  3. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Today's Lesson, the Blues!

    I personally love the Blues. That is one of the Dumbest FU ing things I have read yet on this forum. Sorry just kind of struck a nerve with me. Peace out anyway.
  4. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Which charcoal brand do you use?

    Kingsford Professional, Blue bag or any of their flavored charcoal. Never use Match lite.
  5. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Lawrys Seasoning salt in your rub.

    I put that stuff on all kinds of things. I like it.
  6. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Weber charcoal chimney

    I have a Weber chimney and an Oklahoma Joes. The OJ puts out half the smoke and gets the charcoal lit twice s fast as the Weber. OJ has Little better design I guess.
  7. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Veggies on the Ranch kettle

    One day I will own a Ranch Kettle.
  8. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    26" Weber Kettle

    Feeling a little frustrated over not being able to find a rotisserie for my 26" Weber. Actually any accessories for the 26". I have been loyal to Weber for almost 40 years, but they have really dropped the ball with this grill. I know a few people that would like to buy one but there are...
  9. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Zapp's Potato Chips

    I would love to find a bag of these!
  10. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Zapp's Potato Chips

    I have not tried them yet. We have them at our local grocery. I consider myself a potato chip connoisseur. I will pick up a bag next time.
  11. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Wire brushes

    You are correct.
  12. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Wire brushes

    That is the same one my wife bought me. Works ok I guess but not on the edges around the grill.
  13. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Wire brushes

    Yes I'm all about Quality when using a wire brush. I don't have a problem replacing them 2-3 times a year. Women, you can't live without them and you can't shoot them,
  14. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Wire brushes

    With all the concerns over the last couple of years using wire brushes to clean the grill. My wife does not want me to use a wire brush anymore and I'm struggling with it. 1. Been using a wire brush to clean the grill/smoker for 35 years, with nobody finding any fragments of wire on or in their...
  15. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Food For Thought...

    Thick cut grilled Porterhouse. Grilled Lobster tail. Loaded baked potato Salad and Garlic bread.
  16. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Smoked Lasagna

    Oh my, I'm going to try this for sure.
  17. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Quick Weeknight Dinner: Blackened Top Sirloin Steaks (Pics)

    Yeah I'm not a Sirloin guy. I will admit though that looks real good and would have a hard time passing that up.
  18. WeberBlackStoneYoder

    Condiments and Additions to Hot Dogs - What's your story?

    Chili cheese with Ketchup. Mustard and Onion
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