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  1. bhawkins

    My UDS Build. Love it so far!!

    Got tired of trying to get a firebox to seal. All I wanted was something that I could control the temps on and get good flavor.In my opinion this has got to be the easiest smoker to use. As you can see I had a weber lid. It fits perfectly! The drum was a sealed top that had coolant that goes in...
  2. bhawkins

    Trouble posting pics from android

    I am having difficulty posting pics from my android. I did this once, and it worked like a dream. Ever since then I cannot get the pics to post. It will ask me if I want to upload from device(yes), then asks where to look(gallery), select pic, it asks about offensive or copyrighted material(no)...
  3. bhawkins

    Can you brine too long??

    I was going to smoke my turkey today using Jeff's basic brine from the recent news letter about turkey with bacon butter. I was going to put it into the brine last night before bed. We went to my wife's aunt and uncle's house for Thanksgiving, got to playing dominoes and didn't get home until...
  4. bhawkins

    My Weber Mods with question

    First allow me to apologize for no pics yet. My net connection is acting up, however I will try to post a few pics ASAP. I took a piece of 55 gal. drum and rolled some bands out of gauge material at work so that I could set it onto the base of my 22.5 Weber, and also to get a better fit for the...
  5. bhawkins

    Look at these butts!!

    Not often I can say that and not get in trouble with the wife!!
  6. bhawkins

    Rib rub ideas

    I know this is kind of short notice, however I am looking for a rib rub that I can use by itself. No BBQ sauce on these. What I will do is run a few lemons and oranges through my food processor slicer blade. I will then place an alternating layer of orange and lemon slices in the bottom of pyrex...
  7. bhawkins

    Careful what you ask

    A man and his wife were having breakfast one morning, and as some women are prone to do, she started asking him questions about what he would if she died. Of course her first question is: "If I were to die would you re-marry?" After some thought the husband replies"Yes, I suppose so" To which...
  8. bhawkins

    Reverse flow problems

    I just recently turned my grill into a reverse flow and am having problems with it. First off the   CC is a 16" diameter and 34" long. That gives 6832.64" cube of air space. Feldon's recommends 2277.55" cube for the fire box. Mine is 18"x15.5"x9" giving a total of 2511.00" cube. That is 233.45"...
  9. bhawkins

    I have so much going on here........

    I have so much going on that I am posting it here. I hope this is good. First a little story about the deer meat. I was going to a friends house this morning, and not far from where he lives there was a doe lying on the side of the road. It had rained pretty good this morning before I left,and...
  10. bhawkins

    My First Pulled Pork!

    Well Here it is after pulled. I used Pecan wood, no rub, and SOFLAQUER(hope I got that right) finishing sauce. Of course I used my BBQ sauce and it was wonderful!! It started out as a little over 6 pounds and ended up gone tonite  and I just cooked it Saturday!! Wife done said do two next time...
  11. bhawkins

    First Pizza Cook on Grill

    Hoping that this is a good place for this one. If not let me know. This is actually the last pizza cooked.The first ones the fire was so high I had to keep rotating the pizza to keep them from burning too bad. By the time the one previous to this and this one went on the fire had died down a...
  12. bhawkins

    Homemade Pizza Cooker For Weber

    They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Here is my story book. Old drum that has been waiting on me for a very long time.( after I cut it) Ring cut from barrel.I had to cut the side and overlap the edges and re rivet it to make it fit right. Burning the ring at night. I used three...
  13. bhawkins

    First fatty.......of any kind

    Decided to try a fatty today. Didn't have bacon, and only had deer sausage, also ran out of shredded cheese and had to use sliced. Had problems with the meat nit holding together good when I tried to roll it up and had to start over after squeezing the sausage through my fingers to re-bind it...
  14. bhawkins


    I am trying to get my smoker mods done and was wondering, on the exhaust pipe does the straight piece coming out of the CC count as a useless area of CC or do you add it to the length of the exhaust? I don't want to mess this up twice. Already having to fix my original mistakes!!
  15. bhawkins

    Sauce recipe from Texas cookbook

    Hi all, I know I have not been posting much on the forum. Quite frankly I feel rather intimidated reading most of the posts here. I am not one for being able to totally create a recipe from scratch. While at my wife's grandparent's house over the weekend I found this recipe in one of her...
  16. bhawkins

    Fire Box placement

    Hi, new here and trying to modify my offset smoker. The fire box that I originally put on was way too small. I really had no idea what I was doing, but was trying anyway. I am in process of replacing the firebox with a nice square one. I was wondering if there was a certain height in relation to...
  17. bhawkins

    Newbie from Alabama

    Hi all, I am a newbie from central Alabama. About 30 miles or so east and slightly north of Birmingham. I found this forum while searching for info on building a smoker. Actually I did build an offset a few years ago and never really realized the problems I had until recently. I discovered that...
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