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  1. SmokinGame

    Pre 4th Brisket

    It's ready to go on the Camp Chef. Only my second brisket smoke. Rub is mixture of SPOG with little coriander. This baby was 19+ before trim. Little bigger than I wanted but you go with the market availability. I believe there will be some left overs. And of course this is hard work and I...
  2. SmokinGame

    Saturday Beef Ribs

    Family in town for weekend and tomorrow is my birthday. So decided to smoke a couple slabs of Piedmontese back ribs. Nearly done.
  3. SmokinGame

    Sunday Fatty ... The Snow Is Melting!!

    Sun is out! Temps jumped 30F since Friday! My dear wife thought a fatty sounded just right to start our February smokes. 2# of elk burger (from my 2019 hunt), 1# sausage, spinach (she loves spinach in the fatty), portabellas, red peppers and pepper jack cheeses. I think this may be enough...
  4. SmokinGame

    Sunday Piedmontese Tri Tip

    This little beauty has been sitting in my freezer since before Christmas. Two pound Piedmontese Tri Tip. Tx Smoker put me onto these a few weeks ago and I am looking forward to the results ... as long as I don't mess it up. She went in the frig with a dry rub of salt, pepper, garlic, paprika...
  5. SmokinGame

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas to all of SMF!! May your day be blessed with God’s gift.
  6. SmokinGame

    Sunday Evening Elk Loaf

    Afternoon looked to be nice, so decided to smoke an elk loaf. Dear wife was going to put it in the oven, but I volunteered to put it on the Camp Chef pellet with some pecan pellets. Nothing fancy. Ground elk with a little "meatloaf" seasoning. Stuffed it with onions, baby spinach and little...
  7. SmokinGame

    Piedmontese Beef

    I tend to gravitate to Angus and some of the cross breeds when it comes to my preferred beef selection. But ran across some info and sites for Piedmontese beef. Says it is leaner with more muscle/protein content. Anyone have experience with it? Flavor? How it smokes or grills? I am considering...
  8. SmokinGame

    Done with Camp Chef

    I am feed up. Have a Deluxe Pro with a new PID controller installed this spring. It is now routinely stopping heat after 2-3 hours into a smoke. So far everything they have suggested has not helped. Today I was 3 hours into a smoke and it stopped heating. So I putted it into shutdown mode and...
  9. SmokinGame

    1st Try @ Pulled Pork ... Eager to Taste

    Okay, just took smoking up in February and I am hooked. Nearly every weekend we have been home has been a new adventure. Family in town so thought I would try my first butt roast for pulled pork. After some research was not still unclear how long it might take for the smoke. So last night @...
  10. SmokinGame

    1st Smoked Beer Can Chicken

    For most of you, a smoked chicken is probably nothing new, but today was my first. Just got into the smoking thing with the purchase of a Camp Chef Pro a couple weeks ago. Although it turned out very good, I did learn a couple of new things to build upon. Brined it overnight in a basic salt &...
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