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  1. lancep

    First time smoking Brisket!

    Sorry,edit, 275-290
  2. lancep

    First time smoking Brisket!

    Way to adapt and overcome! The kiddie pool is one I haven’t heard. Just a suggestion, bring your smoker up to your desired temp before adding the hunk of meat. When you add meat you are adding a cold mass that will lower your chamber temp but not the temp of your fire. So if you’re adjusting...
  3. lancep


    We had the same reaction. Especially after they said it was a go!
  4. lancep

    Campfire supper

    You bet! It looks delicious
  5. lancep

    Pork Belly Burnt Ends

  6. lancep

    Pork butt (5 lb) stringy and tough after resting for 1 hour.

    Well, in that case it could just be a naughty pig. It happens! You might try chopping it Lexington style.
  7. lancep

    Pork butt (5 lb) stringy and tough after resting for 1 hour.

    How did it feel when you probed it? There should be little to no resistance. I’m not saying it’s not possible to pull a butt a 200, but most folks, that I know of pull around 205+. I’ve taken them up to 210, when I check but honestly, I go by smell. Funny, I know, but I can literally smell when...
  8. lancep

    Technology At Its Worst!

    Adapt and overcome right! Sometimes that’s really all our craft comes down to. In my old craft, the truest most meaningful thing I ever heard was, “plan the mission but when the plan goes to sh$&, execute the mission!” Maj Kostic XO 1st Bn 3rd Marines. I glad they’re sending you a replacement...
  9. lancep

    Memorial Day Weekend Hat Trick

    I feel bad because I copied someone else but can’t remember who posted it. Basically, I just cut and hollowed whole peppers, stuffed them with a mix of cream cheese and cheddar, and then molded them in ground sausage.
  10. lancep

    Memorial Day Brisket And A Couple Yard Birds w pics

    That looks truly amazing! Thank you for sharing this beautiful meal with us. I’m heartbroken as I currently can’t find brisket, and if I could, couldn’t afford it with the current prices. Maybe someday...
  11. lancep

    Cooking With Fresh Hardwood Coals - Not Charcoal

    It really depends on the pit. Some pits like a brick pulley pit or a hog pit are designed to place the meat directly above the open heat source. In this case burning logs are not ideal so you would want to burn your wood down to embers and then shovel them into the pit. In a horizontal...
  12. lancep

    Memorial Day Weekend Hat Trick

    Hey thanks Ray! That one bite was amazing. I’ve always wanted to mustard on ribs and now I wonder why I waited so long. As for the tooth, I’m hoping I can get into VA dental this week.
  13. lancep

    Memorial Day Weekend Hat Trick

    It wasn’t on the ribs. It was while chewing the soft Mac ncheese. Hopefully I can get into dental soon.
  14. lancep

    Memorial Day Weekend Hat Trick

    So I’ve been on a tear. I started with a small picnic and sausage poppers. Yesterday, was chicken thighs and smoked brats w/ mustard sauce. That got me into a South Carolina mood. So today, we’re doing ribs with mustard sauce. I was able to score a rack of back ribs from piggly wiggly. Not...
  15. lancep

    Patty size for smash burgers?

    I like 2.5-3 oz because I prefer a double pattie burger but don’t have the metabolism that I used to.
  16. lancep

    Memorial Day Brisket w/pics

    Looks quite good and I’m quite jealous! Not a brisket to be found around here.
  17. lancep


    Welcome from north Mississippi
  18. lancep

    Disco's H-M Wings w/ the Vortex

    Great, now I have to try and find wings in a meat shortage! Those look great!!
  19. lancep

    WSM charcoal quantity

    Hey thanks, I remember seeing people suggest the snake for the big one and thought maybe it was that the ring was much bigger. I had the little one so could never really try it. It’s really crazy that there are so many different ways to run that cooker that can all be rock solid. And yes...
  20. lancep

    WSM charcoal quantity

    Brisket, shoulder, ribs, whole chickens you name it. But my favorite is probably brisket.
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