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    How would we petition Masterbuilt to include chart tracking in their app?

    Please be more specific in your request, and I will make sure the information gets in the right hands. Tks. Darryl
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    MES 40 stopped working! Suggestions.......

    Hi Exro,     Shoot me a PM, and I will get you fixed up.  Tks.  Darryl
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    Masterbuilt Resource

    Dave, I can get ya' fixed up. May not be the "prettiest" fix, but it will all be hidden anyway. I'll be back in the office on the 20th, and if you can PM me with a reminder, I'll get the necessary stuff out to you. Darryl
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    mes 30 20071014 fire!

    Just to clarify the model number issue a little, I'll use the following example using the 20070910 which is the 30" Gen 1 which is all black, no window, no meat probe, etc.  The last two digits are the year  (or close) to when it was introduced.  There are also "future use" numbers on the...
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    MES 20076314

    The model you have is basically a standard Gen II, 30" smoker.  It required a new model number due to the customer packaging, and the fact that it had several "pack-ins" that were specified by QVC.  Tks.  Darryl
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    Masterbuilt Resource

    Thanks for the nice words, however I can handle the "good, the bad, and the ugly"!
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    Masterbuilt Resource

    Hi All,     Some of you older members may remember me, and for all new members, my name is Darryl.  I am an employee of Masterbuilt, and posted on this site a couple of years ago.  Unfortunately, business requirements at the office, and extended travel made it impossible for me to provide...
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    MES 40 Temp Problems

    Hi Ron,     Send me a PM after you try the controller, and let me know how it compares.  What you describe, is an issue with the controller.  The recovery time you describe is not normal however, and would need more info to troubleshoot  properly.  Send me a PM, and let's get this fixed.  Tka. ...
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    MES performance question

    Hi Dennis,  Send me your address, and I will get a retro-kit out to you asap.  Thanks.  Darryl
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    New MES 40 model 20070211

    Hi Mike,  Send me a PM with your address.  Tks.  Darryl
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    New MES, anything I should know?

    Hey Vernski,  Please send me your address via PM, and I'll send you out a new controller asap.  The controller is programed, and there is possibly a issue there.  Regardless, we'll get this issue worked out asap.  I will be at the Factory this Thursday/Friday, and we will do some testing to...
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    lack of smoke upgrade kit

    Hey Guy's,     Just a quick update.  We are running low on the retro-kits, but I have arranged for an air-shipment, so if there is any delay, it should be short lived.  Also, I wanted to respond to Dale's question directly.  The older units (prior to the chip tray/wattage change) were not...
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    lack of smoke upgrade kit

    Hey Guy's,       Without going into great detail, we did have some issues with the ESQ30 (Window, and non-window) not producing enough smoke.  As you all know, the change to the chip box/chip tray was made at the same time that we increased the wattage on our elements.  Although this new design...
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    Digital Problem

    Hi Bear,      Received your unit today, and carried your order out to shipping, to make sure it ships today.  Sorry you couldn't have it back for the holiday.  I haven't had a chance to check it yet, but will let you know what i find.  Let me know when you receive the new controller.  Tks. Darryl
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    Low temp in new masterbuilt smoker

    Hi Tom,     I went out, and fired up that 106 Smoker, and on high for 20 minutes, it reached 396F.  I placed the unit in the shade before testing, to get a more accurate reading, as I'm sure in would have been higher in the direct sun.  The stock heat indicator was lagging behind, as hopefully...
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    Low temp in new masterbuilt smoker

    Hi Tom,    Your connection sounds correct based on your explanation.  I've got one assembled out back, and will test it today.  I'll give you an update asap. Tks.
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    Low temp in new masterbuilt smoker

    Hi Tom,      What unit did you purchase?  All of our propane smokers will achieve 400F+, especially with the ambient temperature you described. I would first check the connection between the valve and burner venturi, then verify using a seperate heat indicator.  Check this, and let me know the...
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    Digital Problem

    Hi Bear,     No worries, just send it back, I'll test it, and see if I can get it to repeat the problem.  Either way, you get a new controller.   Hope the Turkey turns out great!  Tks.
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    Digital Problem

    Hi Bear,    I'd like to get my hands on that Controller.  If you will return to Masterbuilt, and have your Name and address enclosed, along with your model #, I'll have you a new one sent out same day. MasterBuilt Mfg. 1 Masterbuilt Ct. Columbus, GA 31907 Attn: Darryl
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