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  1. southpaw2012

    Question about Masterbuilt pro dual fuel smoker

    I bought one of these right after Christmas and seasoned it this past Saturday. After it was seasoned I went ahead and played around with the smoker a bit. I turned the knobs all the way down and the lowest I could get it was 350 degrees. I realize that there was no water in the pan and that...
  2. southpaw2012

    Question about changing the cooking temp.

    I have the red electric brinkmann and have a question. I'm sure it's been discussed somewhere so if it's easier just post a link. How do I adjust the cooking temp. on an electric smoker? Do I do something with the amount of water in the pan? I would assume it stays somewhere around 225 depending...
  3. southpaw2012

    1st smoke experience

    Thanks guys, I will try turning up the heat next time. Like my wife said I have the rest of my life to smoke food. After I brined it I rubbed it and put it in a dutch oven in the refrigerator for 16ish hours. Is that the best way to let the skin dry or should I not put the rub on until the end...
  4. 1st smoke experience

    1st smoke experience

  5. southpaw2012

    1st smoke experience

    I was going to do my first ever smoke yesterday afternoon, it was gonna be a 3 lb. chicken. I put the chicken in a brine on Friday night and it brined for 24 hours. Saturday night at 8pm I rubbed in down with a cinnamon chipotle rub I purchased at a local butcher shop. I was planning on putting...
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  7. southpaw2012

    My first BBq sauce

    I like my sauce a little sweeter I was gonna go lighter on the Worcestershire and add some honey. Probably do it next weekend.
  8. My first BBq sauce

    My first BBq sauce

  9. southpaw2012

    My first BBq sauce

    I joined yesterday and I was looking at yalls bbq recipes and found one by redheelerdog. I made it last night and it turned out wonderful and like he said was even better this morning. I can't wait to do my first smoke. I want to thank all of you, you really are nice people who love to help...
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  11. southpaw2012

    Hey y'all

    Flash, thanks for the advice. It is a fully cooked ham as they were giving samples at the store. I was looking and I saw a recipe that Jeff had for an Easter ham and it looked fairly simple. I will take pictures we'll see how it turns out. I look forward to talking with all of you in the future.
  12. southpaw2012

    Hey y'all

    Thanks disturbed. I'm not sure what kind of ham it is. I'll check when I get home. What cut of meat do y'all consider the easiest for a newbie to start on? My brother who does a little smoking said start off with chicken.
  13. southpaw2012

    Hey y'all

    My name is Matthew and I just joined this morning. I currently live in Spring Hill, TN but am originally from Baton Rouge, LA. I've always enjoyed eating BBQ so I decided to start smoking meats. I just bought the brinkmann electric smoker and look forward to starting a new hobby. I've already...
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