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    Breakfast Pizza for dinner

    Love some breakfast for dinner. Made a couple breakfast Pizzas for dinner they are some work getting everything ready but so worth it. Thin crust whole wheat pre made crust, pepper gravy, breakfast sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, hash brown rounds and cheese baked in the ninja.
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    See ya in the late AM

    I live and die by the offset but sometimes I just don’t feel like being up at all hours running a fire so in comes the smokin-it. Tonight I’m putting on a couple butts I’ve had in the deep freezer in preparation for dinner tomorrow, white oak is the wood. When I run butts in the electric I...
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    SRF Pork Belly Burnt Ends

    Hooked these up today, had a slab in my freezer for awhile so put it to good use. Wood: Red Oak Time: 3hrs 30min Temp: 275 Rub: Meat church Honey Hog 1:1 with Meat church Voodoo 1 1/2” cubes Glaze: Sweet Baby Rays, Raw wild flower honey from a friend out of GA and a splash of Whistle Pig. These...
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    Gold grade American Wagyu cowboy and end KC strips

    Decided to hook these up last weekend. Dry brined the cowboy overnight with just kosher salt and did an 8hr dry brine for the strip, pepper, garlic, onion . Reverse seared on the offset with white oak then 600 on the Weber for a minute. I totally jacked up the finished picture of the cowboy but...
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    berkshire spare ribs and American Wagyu Bones for brunch

    Wife and kid went to MIL so why not, dog was even happy. 275 3hrs offset with white oak for the ribs. Berkshire’s small but mighty!! So sweet I can’t hardly bring myself to buy box store ribs often.
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    Smoking then oven finished gold grade prime rib looking for suggestions

    So I picked up an American/Wagyu gold grade 8-10lb from SRF for Christmas during their BF deal. I’m looking for some thoughts on what I’m planning on doing with it. We will be traveling a short distance with the prime rib, I was wanting to get some smoke on it on my offset, I was thinking...
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    kurobuta Spares for Breakfast??!!

    Order 4 racks of SRF kurobuta Spares. I had the day off so got up early and fired up the offset. I had a rack of BB’s in the freezer so decided to throw those in also. I stacked it deep when the Kroger’s has their buy 1 get 1. Conditions today was 20-25mph wind, starting temp was 34deg...
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    Snake River Wagyu Beef Ribs Smoke

    I‘ve been a long time lurker here, finally registered an account to grab a new thermometer from inkbird. I’ve been running offsets for about 10ish years, I recently picked up smokin-it 3D that replaced my MES that went tits up. Figured I would post a pick of my offset run today in appreciation...
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