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    Seared And Smothered Rib Eye (Pics)

    Excellent work brother!
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    Smoked Shotgun Shells

    Looks good nice work! I wonder how that squeeze cheese in a can would work? Did you like the thin or thick cut bacon better?
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    Chicken Marsala

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    Shrimp & Scallop Mac and Cheese

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    Overdone, but still goooooood!!!

    Looks damn good brother, nothing wrong with that.
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    Very nice!!
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    Breakfast Pizza for dinner

    I’ve never tried the other types of potatoes, I’ll have to give some other types a try next time. I do air fry the hash brown rounds first.
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    Breakfast Pizza for dinner

    Love some breakfast for dinner. Made a couple breakfast Pizzas for dinner they are some work getting everything ready but so worth it. Thin crust whole wheat pre made crust, pepper gravy, breakfast sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, hash brown rounds and cheese baked in the ninja.
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    Scallops question

    I prefer mine pan seared in butter, I don’t think I’d smoke them even though I’m sure many do, just my .02
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    Getting rib tips cartilage soft

    I like rib tips better than ribs actually, I cut all my spares into St.Louis style ribs. I save all the tips for myself….. My family used to fight over the gristle at the dinner table. I can still to this day hear them crunching that stuff up, I could never eat it. Pigs feet, pig ears...
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    See ya in the late AM

    Set my probes to alert me at the 200 mark then started to probe areas until I was satisfied with tenderness. The first one pulled at 0930 the second one I pulled at 1100 consistent temp with insta read thermometer was 203, bones were loose and jiggly so they should pull out clean. Foil wrapped...
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    See ya in the late AM

    I live and die by the offset but sometimes I just don’t feel like being up at all hours running a fire so in comes the smokin-it. Tonight I’m putting on a couple butts I’ve had in the deep freezer in preparation for dinner tomorrow, white oak is the wood. When I run butts in the electric I...
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    Smoked Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

    Killer, I’d be all over that, I’m definitely giving this a go. One of my favorites at the Mexican joints.
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    Simple 4th meal ( pic heavy)

    Looks good, what kind of bread is that, Ciabatta?
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    SRF Pork Belly Burnt Ends

    Yes Kurobuta from snake river farms
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    SRF Pork Belly Burnt Ends

    Hooked these up today, had a slab in my freezer for awhile so put it to good use. Wood: Red Oak Time: 3hrs 30min Temp: 275 Rub: Meat church Honey Hog 1:1 with Meat church Voodoo 1 1/2” cubes Glaze: Sweet Baby Rays, Raw wild flower honey from a friend out of GA and a splash of Whistle Pig. These...
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    50% OFF Discount for Inkbird Vacuum Sealer ---$27.49

    I’ll take a code thanks
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    Giveaway for Inkbird Wifi Sous Vide cooker ISV-100W

    Today’s feast Wagyu filet and prime cowboy, dry brine overnight then into the smokin-it and seared on the Webber will report backand the finished product
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