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  1. mr500

    Whiz Database ....

    Just in case you didn't see them... http://www.nakedwhiz.com/lump.htm
  2. mr500

    War Eagle

    LOL. Been on the SMF for years and just seen this new section lol. Im outside of Auburn. Im on a Weber 22.5 and love it. Anyone in the area seen any Royal oak Lump on sale?
  3. mr500

    Gonna Be Good....

    Happy Thanksgiving All... I did a 14# on my WSM over RO with some Maple and Apple. Ran it up around 260 and 2 hours later I have a nice brown bird. Went well. Hope all your cooks today go off without a hitch !!! Mike
  4. mr500

    Finishing IN the oven....

    Hey All I smoked up 2 butts yesterday but ran into darkness and wind so pulled them off at around 170 IT. I put them in foil pans, covered with foil and later into the fridge,. Question is, when I put them in the oven to bring them up to 200 IT will them being in the pans covered w/ foil  be...
  5. mr500

    Royal Oak Lump....

    I was cruising through wally world today and I ran across ROL in a 17 # bag for 12 buks. I have never seen RO in such a large bag. Is this just for the summer here in fla or is it something that is the norm??   I have never seen, so I grabbed 3 bags hahah M
  6. mr500

    Turk @ 160 in 2.5 hrsss

    Anyone ever had a turk reach this temp in such a lil amt of time?  Im on a WSM w/ maverick probes. Water boil test b4 I started and I was at 214. Turky been on 2.5 hrs and I am at 163 at the breast. Checked her in 4 places.. Im about 168 in the legs. Don't recal one being done this fast...
  7. mr500

    When to STOP adding wood........

    Is the question...I usually add my chunks at the start of my smoke then when they are all used up I do not add any more. Usually smokes for a good hour or two.. I have been told and I seem to believe that a butt etcc will only take on smoke the first 2-3 hours.... Anyone have any scientific...
  8. mr500

    Finally pulled the Maverick trigger

    Ordered my 732 with the 2 additional probes. I want to be able to run both outputs into meat at times instead of one in meat and other on the grate. So, I got the meat and smoker xtra probes. I love new stuff LMAO
  9. mr500

    Seriously New @ bacon.....

    Ok I cant stand the pics anymore. Im going to dive into the bacon!!! I got a few questions so I do not end up in the ER or Dead lol. I have been reading on this site and I have come up with a scenario that I want to run pass you guys.  From what I have read, Bacon is nothing more than.. 1...
  10. mr500

    Mav Therm

    Well Im about to jump on 2 of the mav ET-73.  Only diff I see in the 73  /732  is distance. Is this the only thing? I do not really need the 300 ft range at all with my set up. Was going to buy an extra MEAT probe so as to monitor 2 meats with one therm... Monitor chamber and another meat...
  11. mr500

    ET Thermo question

    I know the ET series therms have 2 probes. One for the food and other for the smoker. Has anyone ever used both probes for food with out using o ne for the  smoker temp? I dont think you would be able to set the HI LOW but on one of the probes. Im just curious. Im about to pull trigger on one...
  12. mr500

    Butts/Turkey On The WSM

    2:00 pm  butts n turkey breast on the WSM... Gonna be a long day/night.... Now I gotta throw back sum Bud lights and watch the smoke...Such a hard life we live huh Mike
  13. mr500

    Butt Rub ????

    whats the longest time that you guys have left butts in the fridge AFTER you have rubbed and wrapped them?
  14. mr500

    Turkey In The WSM.............

    Had my WSM a year or so now and i want to smoke up some turkey meat since there on sale for .69 pd.  For all the WSM users, whats the largest bird you have done in yours? I wanna get out of the 40-140 Range.. Split (Butter fly)  and Non split??
  15. mr500

    Turkey Breast Smoke....

    Well do you guys like one w/ the bone or a boneless...Im thinking bone-in. Bone adds Flavor and helps to cook it..... Should turkey go above or below the pork butts?  I know chik goes below so ya dont drip the nasty stuff on the pork. Would one treat Turkey the same way>? Think so seeing how it...
  16. mr500

    Jeff's Rubb

    For those of you  that have bought it, how much do ya get when u order jeffs rubb?? Size bottle etc.. I cant seem to find out how much comes with an order TIA Mike
  17. mr500

    World Famous Rendezvous

    Well few weeks ago I made a cross country trip from orlando to little rock. I went through Tn and on the way back I made a stop at the World Famous Rendezvous. I had been looking forward to this for weeks. I thought I was gonna taste the best ribs ever!!  Well i was wrong. Might have been a bad...
  18. mr500

    Peach Wood....

    I ordered some peach wood to ty out. It still has the bark on it. Do you guys think the bark makes a difference?? Planning on doing 2 slab BBR on sun and wanna use the wood. Should I de-bark it? Whats the general consesus on this???? M
  19. mr500

    Chik and Q-View

    Fired up the WSM and threw on some thighs and legs. Went for about 2 hrs @ 260-280. Cherry/Apple chunks. Came out good. Skin a lil rubberry but nothing un edible lol. Went light on the rub do to some not liking spices lol. Imagine, people not liking spices!!! Its all chicken but da bone!!!!!
  20. mr500

    Should I jump on this deal??????......

    Its a MES for about 60$$$ I think it suppose to have 4 shelves but who cares. I see these at like 300 bucks. Unless im looking at the wrong onessssss http://orlando.craigslist.org/for/2521037583.html
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