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  1. mr500

    Thrift Store Find...

    Dammn. Bought the Limited Edition Red and it was $149.99. Damn good find Surprised that even made it to the floor hahah
  2. mr500

    Whiz Database ....

    Just in case you didn't see them... http://www.nakedwhiz.com/lump.htm
  3. mr500

    Lump or Brickettes

    Check these guys out. http://www.nakedwhiz.com/lump.htm
  4. mr500

    Hello from Alabama

    Yeah you are across from "The Store" lol. We bought in off of LR 2086 last yr. I work in Auburn with about a 30 min drive. Small world lol. I like it out there for sure. Maybe we can get together, have an adult bev and talk on things lol. Always up to meet a fellow smoker
  5. mr500

    War Eagle

    LOL. Been on the SMF for years and just seen this new section lol. Im outside of Auburn. Im on a Weber 22.5 and love it. Anyone in the area seen any Royal oak Lump on sale?
  6. mr500

    Hello from Alabama

    LOL Im off 169 in In the Haley Wood sub division. About a mile or so from Hwy80 Small world
  7. mr500

    Mold Problems

    Man and I thought I was the only one LOL. I scrub off the little that I get around the outside of the top grate then burn the rest of it off. Its been 4.5 yrs and I have yet to get sick. Knock on wood. Its outside under the Weber cover. Might try doing some things as mentioned. Also this cover...
  8. mr500

    Hello from Alabama

    Hey.. Im outside of Auburn myself. I live in the Salem area. Are you over at Benning? Welcome aboard
  9. mr500

    First run on the 22.5

    In my opinion you have to know that lump burns HOTTER than regular briqs. That’s why I like to use it, as it also has less ash. I run my top vents wide open and control air from the 3 bottom ones. I open them up a little at a time till I get where I want to be. I like to wait about 15 min after...
  10. mr500

    Lump or Brickettes

    Both are good. I like the lump better but would not turn down the brcks
  11. mr500

    Gonna Be Good....

    Happy Thanksgiving All... I did a 14# on my WSM over RO with some Maple and Apple. Ran it up around 260 and 2 hours later I have a nice brown bird. Went well. Hope all your cooks today go off without a hitch !!! Mike
  12. Gonna Be Good....

    Gonna Be Good....

  13. 1.jpg


  14. mr500

    Woods For Smoking

  15. mr500

    Finishing IN the oven....

    I gonna give her a whirl mid day see how it turn out....Keep ya posted Yeah I just moved back to bama from Winter springs fl. Temps dropped on my last night, and I am not set up yet to do an overnight haul as I once was, but I am digging my tuff out of boxes day by day lol M
  16. mr500

    Finishing IN the oven....

    Hey All I smoked up 2 butts yesterday but ran into darkness and wind so pulled them off at around 170 IT. I put them in foil pans, covered with foil and later into the fridge,. Question is, when I put them in the oven to bring them up to 200 IT will them being in the pans covered w/ foil  be...
  17. mr500

    Types Of Pork Ribs

    Where does "butt" come from...... In pre-revolutionary New England and into the American Revolutionary War, some pork cuts (not those highly valued, or "high on the hog," like loin and ham) were packed into casks or barrels (also known as "butts") for storage and shipment. The way the hog...
  18. mr500

    Royal Oak Lump....

    I was cruising through wally world today and I ran across ROL in a 17 # bag for 12 buks. I have never seen RO in such a large bag. Is this just for the summer here in fla or is it something that is the norm??   I have never seen, so I grabbed 3 bags hahah M
  19. mr500

    Turk @ 160 in 2.5 hrsss

    Yeah she got up there at times...Think maybe the chunks caught up or something, plus I'm using royal lump which in itself runs hot.. I went by the probes on the temp....I pulled and wrapped her....If she's not done they can nuke it for 20 seconds LOL But im sure all is good
  20. mr500

    Turk @ 160 in 2.5 hrsss

    No Im on F.  165 C  would be like 330 F. No way I'm off that much.  14# bird...
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