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  1. DRKsmoking

    New guy from NW Ontario

    Welcome from Nova Scotia This is a great place for show and tell, learning and helping David
  2. DRKsmoking

    Spatchcock Chicken and Veggies for Thanksgiving, with brusseles sprout salad and sourdough

    Nice looking spread Dave., Lots of color and I bet flavors David
  3. DRKsmoking

    OKJoe Bandera BabyBacks

    Rick, ribs look fantastic. Little cooler smoking at your new home, but still comes out great David
  4. DRKsmoking

    Happy Birthday Jeff

    Happy Birthday @TulsaJeff Jeff , hope you had a great day. And thank you for this great Forum, and all you do to keep it running David
  5. DRKsmoking

    Thanksgiving keto style

    That is a great looking holiday meal. And I bet all will be happy Well done and yes the bird looks great David
  6. DRKsmoking


    Happy Thanksgiving to all of my south of the border friends. Have a great day with family and friends and eat lots of great foods. Enjoy the day Justin and everyone else David
  7. DRKsmoking

    Wine and cheese Italian sausage sandwich .

    Those look fantastic, sausage sounds real nice, I'm not a big cooked Spinach and or strong garlic flavor person, wife is though. But i would have it with fresh baby spinach and raw onions, David
  8. DRKsmoking

    Ad Layout Work

    Ha ha Ryan, I to was just about to get XXXXXX can't say it. I am glad I looked in the home list also David PS: no problem Jeff glad that's it. Now that I know all is good in my little world, lol
  9. DRKsmoking

    I didn't want this to be my second post.

    Very sorry to hear this. Chef JJ was always there to comment on what and how and yes why you did something. Loved his posts He will be missed here . But greatly missed by you and you family, prayers going to all who knew ChefJJ David
  10. DRKsmoking

    Pork Tenderloin (Tryin Something New)

    Nice way for a couple loins, putting on my list to give it a try. Thanks for your way to do. David
  11. DRKsmoking

    Thanksgiving Day

    Do what is asked , in the oven . All are happy , and throw in the smoker a small one . Now you are happy and I bet others will pick at it and probably like it also. Even if they don't tell you so... :emoji_smiling_imp: Or even like @chopsaw said, cure and smoke up a few big drums, you know...
  12. DRKsmoking

    Bacon & "Extra Cheese" Burger Pizza

    wooo, stop the train, I want some of that, that looks fantastic. Great job , love everything you have on that. David
  13. DRKsmoking

    Italian Sausage Lasagna Roll Ups My Throw Down Entry

    Looks really good and tasty, good job I love using lasagna noodles for different rollup items David
  14. DRKsmoking

    Italian Sausage Lasagna Roll Ups My Throw Down Entry

    Great idea , sounds tasty David
  15. DRKsmoking

    More Pork Steak

    Last ones I did week or so ago, I seared the loin chops . Really kept in the juices...
  16. DRKsmoking

    More Pork Steak

    Late to the game , but nice looking pork steaks, We love us some pork steak. Nice looking meal, David
  17. DRKsmoking

    BBB ribs

    Sounds great, always a good meal when ribs are involved David
  18. DRKsmoking

    One for Bearcarver

    Very very cool. Love that we can see your speed , height, and of coarse the batty life. Great video, and yes it looks cold there , getting cold here now also14C one day next 2C Thanks for posting David
  19. DRKsmoking

    Broiled Haddock with Lemon Onion Sauce, Turmeric and Fried Egg Rice and Pickled Radish Onion and Jalapeno

    Thanks Chris for the like and the comment It was a real nice refreshing meal. David
  20. DRKsmoking

    "Nearly Total" Lunar Eclipse is Tonight/Friday Morning

    That's pretty cool. And love the pig with the glasses It was like that here in 1972 july10th. It's written about in the song by Carly Simon "Your so Vain". But at 14 years old, it was weird and a little strange to have it so dark in the middle of the day. David
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