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  1. james1nc

    1ST Time Smoking Baby Backs!! With Q-View

    Looks like one BB and one St Louis.
  2. james1nc

    Oil vs Repaint?

    when I season I start saving up bacon,sausage grease  then rub it in rub it in
  3. james1nc

    Friday Babybacks

    sauce is on there almost done , now time to put the pineapples on the smoker
  4. sauce.jpg


  5. james1nc

    Flank steak hot and fast or low and slow, some other way?

    reverse sear I would not do because I assuming your flank steak is less than an 1'' thick I only reverse sear 1 1/2'' or more. with flank steaks I either make kabobs or fajitas
  6. james1nc

    Friday Babybacks

    2 hours of smoke with oak wood and apple chips , ready for foiling
  7. friday smoke.jpg

    friday smoke.jpg

  8. james1nc

    Friday Babybacks

    smokers at 250 let the smoking begin
  9. friday.jpg


  10. james1nc

    Oil vs Repaint?

    I personally would repaint then buy a cover then apply a lite coating of oil. as far as the inside I would never power wash all the years of flavor off my smoker ''but im the only owner of the smoker so I know whats been used in mine. you could just scrape off the inside and apply more oil then...
  11. james1nc

    Let the fun begin!

    Sounds like  a plan , I would probably heat them in the oven on 225 sealed tight with foil. never did them in crock pot not sure if you would lose your bark and make them mushy
  12. Friday Babybacks

    Friday Babybacks

  13. james1nc

    Friday Babybacks

    They just  went in for a 4 hours nap letting the rub sink in. putting them in the smoke at 2
  14. friday ribs.jpg

    friday ribs.jpg

  15. james1nc

    No Foil Ribs on UDS

    when you foil if you don't want yours falling off the bone cut down your time in the foil. try 3-1.5 -1.5 method. with no foiling just spray more often so they don't dry out.
  16. james1nc

    No Foil Ribs on UDS

    To me the purpose of foiling is an almost guaranty to have moist ribs every time.
  17. james1nc

    Bill here, checking in for a first-timer to this forum.

    welcome prof Bill
  18. james1nc

    Full Packer w/ Q-View!

    "whispers" wonder if his neighbors say the same thing
  19. james1nc

    Custom fire pit build

    Nice build.
  20. james1nc

    brisket point just for burnt ends with qview

    Nice burnt ends .
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