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  1. gene reda

    Pizza and Breads in the Smoker?

    Hi All, Wasn't exactly sure where this should go, so I figured I would try it here! I apologize if this should not be posted here Jeff. I am thinking of trying to make Pizza and Artisan Breads in the smoker and was planning on putting in a couple of the ceramic or soapstone baking stones on a...
  2. gene reda

    Fiery Foods & BBQ Magazine

    Has anyone subscribed to or picked up Fiery Foods & BBQ magazine? Is it any good. Some of the articles on their website look pretty interesting.
  3. gene reda

    Great all around Smoker Cookbook and Resource

    For anyone looking for a good general guide to smokers and smoking techniques, I highly recommend this book...beginners and experienced alike. This is a real commom sense and "non-judgmental" book that takes an "if it works for you then go ahead and use it" approach to smoking unlike some of...
  4. gene reda

    Beef Jerky

    Does anyone have a good recipe for smoking beef jerky? I had made some in the past using a heavily soy sauce based recipe that ended up tasting a lot too much like soy sauce! Has anyone tried it with Yoshida's sauce or some kind of Terriyaki seasoning instead? Any help would certainly be...
  5. gene reda

    Maverick Smoker Thermometer

    I ordered a Maverick Smoker thermometer last week that just arrived this afternoon. It has a digital display with a probe for the smoker temperature and another probe for the meat. It allows you to set a minimum temperature for the smoker and a maximum food temperature and the unit will sound...
  6. gene reda

    Smoked Turkey Breasts

    Hi All, Smoked two 5 1/4 pound turkey breasts for the fourth. I soaked them in brine with some Yoshida's sauce for about 14 hours and then rubbed them with some big time rub. After letting them sit for about an hour with the rub I put them in the smoker at 275 degrees with some oak, cherry...
  7. gene reda

    Smoked Salmon with Citrus Glaze

    Hello All, Just had to say that I love the new forum. Smoked some salmon yesterday and after the brining and smoking finished it with a citrus glaze...it was beyond my wildest expectations. Between my two teenage boys and my wife and I, I barely had enough left of the three pounds of salmon I...
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