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  1. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    Dry Aged Boneless Ribeye questions

    Thinking about dry aging a boneless ribeye in an umai bag...planning on going 45 - 60 days and had a few questions... Can you freeze the steaks after aging.... How important is maintaining the humidity and if need to, what %? Is it really important when using the bags? What size bags are...
  2. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    Root beer brewing

    I needed room in the beer fridge to make Canadian bacon, so I worked on killing the keg of grolsch and the kids helped with the keg of root beer I had. Once I got the bacon out, it was time to fill it back up. I make root beer in 3 gallon batches. Due to lack of a sassafras tree and time to do...
  3. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    Beating the Tariffs on Canadian Bacon

    With the wife quitting her job soon and with the love of Canadian bacon in my house, I had to make another batch and save some $$$ in the process in addition to avoiding the dastardly tariffs in place (disclaimer: dunno if this is even an imported product or even care). I was out and the...
  4. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    Pork Belly Burnt Ends Questions...

    I'm going to be serving these up for the first time at my annual bbq...been reading a little bit about them and had a few questions... Has anyone tried curing the belly prior to cooking...what effect do you think it will have on them or am I better off just cooking uncured.I have seen them...
  5. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    MES 30 cover - to a good home

    I have had this brand new MES 30" cover sitting on my table saw in my garage for a couple of years now.  It was  a gift, but my MES is 40" and I keep it in the garage when not in use anyway.  Still in the box...looking for a good home.  I live in SE Aurora, CO area and work down south of DTC by...
  6. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    Outdoor Kitchen

    I wanted to upgrade my outdoor area to make it a little more livable and fun.  So, I decided to build an outdoor kitchen.  Threw out some ideas and finally decided on building a kitchen area with a grill, side burner, and a fireplace.  It has been a lot more work than I first envisioned, but...
  7. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    Sausage Recipe help? (Buffalo Summer and Alligator)

    So sometimes there are good things that come out of divorces.  My neighbor is getting one and when the hubby moved out, left a freezer full of meat and the wife doesnt cook...my gain.  I got a bunch of ground buffalo, pork ribs (3 slabs spares, 3 slabs baby backs) and alligator strips from her. ...
  8. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    Summer Margarita Recipe

    Here is a quick and dirty marg recipe that is perfect for summers on the deck or wherever you happen to be.  It is delicious, quick and easy to make.  Feel free to share your fav recipe too.  I have another recipe that is more along the lines of a typical marg recipe at home that I will try to...
  9. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    Not Quite Pastrami

    Havent been on in a while and thought I would share a little for St Patty's Day instead of just gleaming all the great information from all the great people on this site...So I decided to make Corned Beef for this coming weekend.  I can finally contribute something.  Have intended to do Qview...
  10. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    Looking for a recipe - Sazisa

    I'm helping a friend buthcer a hog and am looking to make some sazisa Italian sausage but have not had a lot of luck finding a good recipe.  It is an italian sausage with fennel in it...any help of suggestions?  Thanks.
  11. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    Sausage Recipe suggestions

    I'm making some chicken mango jalapeno sausage this weekend from the recipe i got from here (thanks Fishawn) this weekend and will have a little extra chicken and wanted to try something different that I havent seen.  I was thinking about a Buffalo Bleu Chicken sausage.  Like some input on the...
  12. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    Beef Blood

    Was thinking about making some blood sausage...I know, gross, but I grew up eating it, I like it and my dad used to make it when the family all got together every year to butcher.  I've called around to a few butchers trying to find the ingredients, but ran into a wall with the beef blood.  One...
  13. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    Opinion on smoker for sausage

    I'm just getting into starting to make sausage.  Have bought the equipment, grinder and stuffer, but my smoker isnt really set up for the low temps needed to smoke sausage or hanging them....it is a Lang Patio model.  Planning on making my first fresh batch of sausage this weekend.  So I was...
  14. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    Sausage suggestions?

    I'm planning on making sausage for the first time.  Anyone have any suggestions on the best type for a first time out?  I have a grinder, 5 lb vertical stuffer and just started reading Rytec's 4th edition....was thinking it would be best to make fresh and freeze the extra links.  not really set...
  15. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    Grinder / Stuffer Question

    I have been on the lookout for some equipment so I can start making my own sausage.  I found a used commercial Anvil (Vollrath) model #0012 that is about 5 years old from a lady here in town.  I'm not familiar with the name, but from what I've read online, it is supposed to be a good grinder /...
  16. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    Covers for Lang

    I'm interested in finding a cover to buy or a place that makes custom covers for my smoker. I have a Lang 48" patio smoker. Anyone have any recommendations?
  17. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    Lang firebox

    Found a used Lang patio model and hauled it back to Denver through the very windy barren wasteland commonly known as Wyoming a couple of weeks ago. It is in perfect condition, as it was less than two years old. I was finally able to invite a few friends over and try it out this past weekend...
  18. ifitsdeadsmokeit

    I'm really happy!!!

    I'm really happy that all of you have finally been able to meet me. Just kidding. Ran across this web site on my search for a new smoker. Have been smoking for the past 6 years on a little New Braunsfeld side firebox smoker...with some success. Just bought a used Lang 48" patio smoker and am...
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