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    Beef Ribs & Fatties

    Had a couple of friends request some fatties and didn't want to leave the smoker lonely so did some beef ribs too.  All smoked with hickory.  Temps around 250 for the duration ribs rubbed (both with Big Rons Rub) Fatties. Local store's breakfast sausage about 1 1/2 lbs each.  On the left is...
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    Chicken Quarters and Meatloaf

    Picked up some chicken quarters on sale specifically to smoke after seeing the quarters posted by les3176 last week.  Mostly followed his brine recipe (there was one item I didn't have and I didn't measure exact) but it sounded good and his looked great.  I didn't do a jerk ru as he did just my...
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    Sunday's Smoke: Chuckies and Beef Ribs

    My dad called the other night and asked if I would smoke a couple of chuck roasts he had picked up (and even offered to split them with me).  Well, I can't tell dad no, because I'm the best daughter ever! So I also picked up some beef ribs so the smoker wouldn't get too lonely.  Using mostly...
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    Ham Question

    I reviewed Jeffs newsletter from last year regarding smoking a pre cooked ham.  However he mentions that his is spiral cut.  The one I will be smoking is not spiral cut, but it is already cooked.  Am I going to have to smoke quite a bit longer to get this thing done for Christmas dinner?  Its...
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    Sweet Potato:Question/Opinions

    ...........................................................................................................................(there was a lot of unneccessary words there (margaritas are a bit smooth this evening) Anyway: Does any one make a savory sweet potato pie as opposed to a "sweet" potato...
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    Brisket x3 w/qview

    Got a 14lb brisket yesterday,  Attempted to seperate the point and flat, but since chefrob has not flown to KC give a "cutting" seminar I turned the one packer into 3 pieces Put them on around 11 at 240 using cherry and hickory.  After 5 hours probed all 3 and this is where we are: This...
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    Ribs, Loin, Brisket, Fatties, Chuckies

    o I am at my sisters house today smoking.  Her husband (my BIL) passed away very unexpectedly on July 9th.  A wonderful, wonderful man and an avid smoker.  He had built his own smoker and treated us frequently to his goodies.  I am using his smoker for the first time today attempting to give his...
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    Beef ribs w/qview

    It has been quite a while since I've shared any gview.  I have some beef ribs in the smoker now.  Rubbed with Big Rons Original Rub.  Smoking with cherry wood at 225.  I've been spritzing with a mix of rum, apple cider vinegar and budwesier bbq sauce.  Foiled after 2 hours.  Will leave in foil...
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    Not Even Remotey Related.....

    to smoking.  But with all the folks on here with so much knowledge on different things, I have a question My son was driving me home and ran over a curb (don"t ask).  I had him pull over and I got it and the only thing I saw was a nice chunk out of my wheel.  Lovely. But when we got him (less...
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    Where Can I Get Stuff

    My dh has agreed to build me a smoker. I believe we have settled on a double barrel smoker (after much heated discussion). I have access to the drums I need. But where can I find all the other goodies inexpensively. I.e., the smoke stack, the doors and the collars between the two barrels. I...
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    Beef Extravaganza

    It's been awhile since I have posted, but still read every day and smoke almost every weekend. Husband loves the perfume! Today I am doing a small chuck roast, small brisket, beef short ribs and doing chicken later. Once I make some room. My camera still is not the best, but I know how everyone...
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    Sunday's Fatties

    My dad had a family get together on Sunday because a cousin of his from Ireland came to visit. So my contribution was fatties. Bubba, I did take pics but didn't check them before everything was done. So they all came out BAD. I do have the sliced pics on my phone, but no thingy to connect to...
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    Ground Buffalo

    My sister just called and she has some ground buffalo and wanted to know if I could make a fatty out of it. Can I? I have never even eaten buffalo let alone cooked it, so if I can what would compliment it?
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    Got The Shakes

    I haven't smoked anything since Monday. I can handle being an addict, just need my fix. So tomorrow I am going to put on some beef short ribs and a meatloaf. I also got some stew meat and thought about smoking it as well. It is already cubed. I would like to put it over some egg noodles or...
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    Fatties to Share

    Going to my parents this afternoon for dinner along with about half of the family. So I decided to smoke a couple of fatties to share with them. The first has 1 1/2 pounds of bulk pork sausage with swiss cheese, granny smith apples, brown sugar and a touch of cayenne. The second has the same...
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    First Time Spare Ribs

    My dad gave me 2 slabs of ribs to smoke for him and that is my plan for tomorrow. Just want to review my plan and see if there are any suggestions or changes I should make. Tonight--Remove membrane and rub both slabs, wrap in plastic wrap and back in the fridge overnight Morning--Bring smoker...
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    Another Excuse To Smoke

    I just discovered over the weekend that ash makes a great de-greaser. So I scooped out my ash pan, mixed some water with it to make a paste and went to work!!! Wow, it worked great!! So if anyone needs an "excuse" to smoke, there it is!
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    So I decided I needed a fatty. Marinated some chicken overnight in my favorite fajita marinade. Cut it up and sauteed it with some onion and green pepper. So far so good. As I let that cool, I get the smoker ready. Come back in, roll out my sausage (1lb JD original). Put down some Mexican...
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    Beef Ribs

    What should I know about smoking beef ribs as opposed to pork ribs. I had planned on doing the 3-2-1 method. Is this ok? The weight is just over 3 lbs, using a vertical Brinkman. Plan on using some hickory and some apple.
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    Another First

    Well I just got a fatty into the smoker. Went with a breakfast theme and just put in scrambled eggs and cheese. I decided I better go with simplicity on first try. Pics may be a bit blurry, time to read my owner's manual on the camera
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