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  1. dummy que

    What do I do?

    i hate tree rats and raccoons i quit being nice went to 20ga.
  2. dummy que

    First tri tip and a couple racks of ribs

    did tri tip for first time few weeks ago not realy avalable  in s.c. ohio krogers wants 8.00 lb for it found it at r.d. for 3.00lb just had to buy 19lb your ribs and tri tip look yummmmmy 
  3. dummy que

    favorite types of wood

    the reason you don`t use elm is it will give you a hart attack trying to split it use oak,cherry,hicorey and ash thanks to emerald  ash borer  would realy like to try pecan but it dosen`t grow here in ohio pig nut is a type of hickory 
  4. dummy que

    Brick build

  5. dummy que

    Neighbors ever complain about smoke???

    thank god i don`t halve neighbors 
  6. dummy que

    Smoke with Ash?

    do to the emrald ash boaer`s larva there has been a ample supply of ash here in the center of the known BBQ universe (SOUTH CENTRAL OHIO) halve used gobs of ash in my LANG has nice mellow flaver good heat burn time is comparable to hickory not overly smokey
  7. dummy que

    Symtoms of food poisoning?

    got the lowdown on genaric food poisoning from E.R. doc after contracting what i thought was prime case of food poisioning  will start 6to8 hrs.after meal and will end in about 24hrs. found out that exstream heat and the flu is a motor plucker     remember thouse from ohio it`s yes on 1 no on2...
  8. dummy que

    Stick burners - oak?

    oak both red and white will work fine make shure it is properly seasond mixes well with cherry and hickory
  9. dummy que

    Stainless steel cooking grates vs standard lang cooking grates

    i have a LANG 60 halve never had trouble whith rust on grates my top grate has been hanging exsposed to the weater since i took it out so i could smoke fresh ham and turkey and forgot to put it back in no rust at all it`s been snowed on and rained on for over a month  you will love your lang
  10. dummy que

    I've been grounded from the q

    STEP ONE kick mother n law out STEP TWO kick boyfriend out STEP THREE call devorce lawyer  this aint no joke
  11. dummy que

    Lodgepole Pine as a smoking wood?

    klose pits says  never ever use any type of pine to smoke with it will leave a very nastiey taste in your smoker whitch is inposable to remove
  12. dummy que

    St. Louis Spares and Brisket

    looks yummy
  13. dummy que

    Need help with habaneros

    halve dried peppers both ways halve LANG 60 put peppers on side furthest from firebox in house string up and let dry try to put near celing fan to increase airflow will dry faster hardest part is grinding them up realy cleans out the sines`s
  14. dummy que

    Buckeyes roll call

    live in s.central ohio weatherman says it`s going to warm up enough to start smoken again halve cut more firewood this year than the past 30 man i hate winter
  15. dummy que


    my sister is vegan busted my brother in law driveing into macdonalds thats what a vanity licens plate will do for you
  16. dummy que

    The NC blizzard of 2014 is here (round 2)

    it`s good to know that weather man is just as incompatant where you live as here and the local media likes to scare everyone with there B.S. just like they do here  remember fox news says not to use your 4wd. in the snow thats what i thought it was for not just to look cool
  17. dummy que

    smokeing whith elm

    i halve seen ELM on several NOT to smoke with list the list will tell you that HACKBERRY wich is in the same family of tree as elm is ok to smoke with i know elm is near imposible to split by hand and is eaven tough for my 30 ton spliter could it be to prevent hart atack
  18. dummy que

    Kind of odd question on smoking

    don`t know what a red air day is but it would get mitey cold in my house if you can`t  use a wood burner i would have to get out of utah
  19. dummy que

    Cant smoke anything at all where I'm goin

    90 lbs. of stuff  one small weber and 70 lbs. of lump works for me
  20. dummy que


    i to am a smokeaholick most of my family are trying to be suportive but my vigan sister just dosen`t understand she said that anamals halve feelings and it is not morale to kill and eat them i told her HORSE PUCKEY we did not clime to the top of the food chain to eat tofo (YUCK)  she also claims...
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