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  1. tukson

    Briskets this week!

    Ok, got the second one started early this morning .. it is a 15pounder... one of the largest I can find around here... also am going to serve roasted Hatch green chile's along with the brisket sandwiches... so I did a few green chile's this morning to sample with the meat this afternoon... I...
  2. Two Briskets 006.JPG

    Two Briskets 006.JPG

  3. Two Briskets 004.JPG

    Two Briskets 004.JPG

  4. tukson

    Briskets this week!

    LOL.... I'm soooorrrrrrrry you are hungry at bedtime.... p.s.    it really tastes and smells as good as it looks....
  5. tukson

    Briskets this week!

    Well, it's in the freezer now and will start another one thursday.... the flat is fabulous ... juicy and tender.. and I really like the dried onion soup packet that I put over the meat... I cooled the juice and removed the fat and added the juice to the meat pan before I froze it.... I didn't...
  6. brisky cdo tue 004.JPG

    brisky cdo tue 004.JPG

  7. tukson

    Briskets this week!

    BEAR, Lunch! Cowgirl, I went to your blog pages... it makes me homesick... born and raised in Checotah went to school in Weatherford and Tulsa.. YEAH!    ..... YOU have enough recipes to work on for the rest of my life .. LOL! I just put the brisky in the insulated cooler wrapped in an old...
  8. tukson

    Briskets this week!

    Got about 30 for a BBQ this saturday night.. it has been raining off and on this week so thought would do a 15 pounder today (tues) ... and another large one (thurs) .. this way won't get caught short if it rains friday or satruday... rubbed it with pepper and kosher salt then (something new...
  9. brisky cdo tue 002.JPG

    brisky cdo tue 002.JPG

  10. brisky cdo tue 001.JPG

    brisky cdo tue 001.JPG

  11. tukson

    Smoked Bierocks...

    Wonderful looking vittles!   I can smell and taste the smoke and onions from here....
  12. tukson

    Two at a Time...

    Good question, How do you tell left from right.. ?   I'll check that out next time..
  13. tukson


    My son recently told me he has been eating jackrabbit.. and it was an excellent taste and he thought better than cottontails.. for some reason I have never tried jackrabbits.. so will try one soon since we have as many or more than cottontails around here... too bad roadrunners aren't tasty ...
  14. tukson

    Half Hog - How to Cut??

    My family likes breakfast sausage and chorizo.. our butcher's recipe is to our liking ... this helps use up a lot of the fat trimmings..  you can tell most butchers hotter or milder or more sage or less etc...
  15. tukson


    Hoyo, Yes it was ... smoked rabbit is now one of our favorites... I have started using about half a cup of chicken bullion in the pan now to help keep it moist and only smoke them an hour then foil... they are great...
  16. tukson

    Starting a new pipe smoker build...

    Love that large lip on the door.. great job ... more pics please ... LOL.
  17. tukson

    New to the forum and to smoking

    Howdy Gatorfan!......... welcome and don't forget to show pictures...
  18. tukson

    Chicken drum sticks???

    I'm with mythmaster... I have started brining all my birds and their parts.. it is juicier.. in my smoker... if too salty .. use less time in brine or less salt in solution or both.... good luck..
  19. tukson

    RATTLESNAKE (smoked)

    Well, I will throw in the skin... got too many now....
  20. tukson

    RATTLESNAKE (smoked)

    SharonaZamboni, I am certain that if you carefully cut the meat in small strips about 1 or 2 inches long and placed inside tacos or enchiladas it would be easily passed off as chicken... ps.. when you get to Phoenix.. go to a firestation and ask for a large rattlesnake. if they won't give you...
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