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  1. deer meat

    New Masonry build in-progress

    Any update on this project?
  2. deer meat

    My first try at bacon

    Where you guys getting your pork bellies from? I have been wanting to cure my own bacon for some time now.
  3. deer meat

    Snack Sticks - AC Legg 116 base with modifications

    I have been wanting to make snack sticks for a while now. I will be using this recipe for sure!
  4. deer meat

    How would this work for a smoker?

    My beer fridge recently died. Before I call the scrap man would this be any good for a smoker build? I know the racks would have to go but what about the glass door?
  5. deer meat

    Brick smoker - Compete how to

    Awesome work! I would love to build one of those someday!!
  6. deer meat

    A meatloaf kind of Saturday evening

    Looks awesome! Doing a meatloaf tomorrow. Been awhile since I had my smokers fired up. Looking forward to it!!
  7. deer meat

    Venison Ham rubbed with rendered lard.

    This is something I need to make. I have 2 deer in the freezer,and it has been to long since I did any smokin'
  8. deer meat

    Reheating pulled pork

    I plan on doing the crock pot re-heat method tomorrow with about 10# of pulled pork. I 'll let ya' know how it came out.
  9. deer meat

    Looky what I got

    I hear what you are sayin' about my little girl. I am not looking forward to the day when she brings a boy home, and he shouldn't be looking forward to it either.
  10. deer meat

    Looky what I got

    The trailer is my buddy's. He lives about an hour east of me in the mountains where they get much more snow.
  11. deer meat

    Looky what I got

    The reason for not cutting on it is, it is in nearly perfect shape for being almost 50 years old. And once I found out what it was worth my mind was made up to use it as a work station with cutting boards on it.
  12. deer meat

    Looky what I got

    This butcher block has been in the family for years, but nobody has ever used it. It has been sitting in a friends barn for about 10 years. The block is 32" x 60" x 18" thick, and weights 715#'s. When we bought our house I decided to put it to use. I will not be chopping meat on it. we will be...
  13. deer meat

    I got a big ol' Butt

    Willy, there is a chance there are 2 in the cryo pac! I will open it tomorrow to get it rubbed. I hope there are 2 in there, that will solve my problem.
  14. deer meat

    John Deere Casserole

    I darn near forgot about this recipe! Anyone tried it lately?
  15. deer meat

    I got a big ol' Butt

    My cousin recently got an account at a restaurant wholesale store. He picked me up a pork butt for $1.04 lb. I told him I needed between 18-20# for a smoke on Sunday. Well he came home with a 19.46# bone in Butt. After some quick rough calculatin' it would take around 29 hrs to smoke this bad...
  16. deer meat

    How many hours can I expect from a propane tank?

    I use a 30# tank from a travel trailer, and get a consistent 45 hours per tank in the winter time, and a bit more during summer.
  17. deer meat

    First fatty; bacon, egg, cheese w/ Qview

    That is a fine lookin' fatty!! It has been a while since I smoked one, and that may be the way I make it!!
  18. deer meat

    Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas everyone, and happy smoking.
  19. deer meat


    I like the sound of the rules, very fair. Boy you step away for a little while and alot has changed.
  20. deer meat

    Greetings form Michigan

    Welcome full throttle, sounds like you will be an asset to the SMF. Got any favorite recipes or rubs you would like to share? Glad to have you here
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