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  1. indygreg

    How to reheat biscuits

    tailgating season is here and we have some breakfast tailgates again. For something different we wanted to do biscuits and gravy but we leave crazy early so like to do things that can be made the day before. I carry a heated cambro (electric), some chafers and a camp chef stove. We tested the...
  2. indygreg

    would a brisket long hold follow sous vide rules?

    i specialize in the weird i know. we are doing a big tailgate saturday and i have a heated cambro which basically holds food at 145-155 indefinitely. it looks like this i have found that i can pull a pork shoulder a few degrees early wrap it in foil and hold it for 18 hours or more and it...
  3. indygreg

    starting my biggest pp smoke ever

    my son asked if i could provide pp for 80 kids for a college retreat at a camp. 32 hours from now i am supposed to have cooked 70lbs of butt. i am already finding challenges :) Here is the first batch of 4 9ish lbs butts. when i took them to the smoker they didnt fit! so i currently have...
  4. indygreg

    Why i like the crutch (not even sure if i am doing it right)

    i get rave reviews on my pulled pork which is strange because i am really not that good at this. but for some reason whenever i make it i get comments like "i grew up in xyz place where everyone eats bbq and this is the best...." all i do is use mustard and coat them heavily in byrons butt rub...
  5. indygreg

    Last years tailgates (i finally got around to posting)

    ok i know this is from last fall and this isn't all smoking but i thought someone might like this. We have 2 boys and years ago my wife told me that she wanted to be the house that all the kids come to. soon we figured out that teenagers are like wild animals - if you put food out they all...
  6. indygreg

    Anyone with experience holding pulled pork in a heated cambro

    i went and bought myself a cambro upch400 heated carrier. we will use it for a number of things but saturday i get to break it in doing pulled pork for my son and 80 of his friends. i will have to cook the pp in two batches so i am wondering if people have experience with the heated cambros...
  7. indygreg

    Starting up a chuckie smoke (with QView)

    Picked up a 10 lb chuck roast to try smoking tomorrow. I cut it into two pieces to minimize time in the danger zone and I thought I would get more smoked flavor when I pulled it. Does cutting a large piece into two smaller ones have any effect on tenderness since it will not cook as long? I...
  8. indygreg

    Dino ribs were terrible. what makes them tough?

    i finally made my precious dino ribs and they were not good.  i scored some 12 inch long short ribs from my butcher and cooked them 3-2-1.  took them off and they were really tough and chewy.  i put them back on in foil hoping to make them more tender and cooked them another 2 hours.  a little...
  9. indygreg

    Smoked Ribeye steak w a little qview

    i liked the prime rib that i made last weekend so much that i decided to finally try a steak on my traeger.  I loaded the pellet pooper up with hickory and thawed a couple ribeyes.  My butcher sells full ribeyes for $7 a lb so every so often i buy a one and have it cut up into steaks so i always...
  10. indygreg

    First Prime Rib w QView

    i am cooking my first prime rib on my traeger.  their recipe suggests cooking it at 300 which sounds higher than what i have seen on the forum.  the traeger doesn't make as much smoke at higher temps so i started mine on smoke for 1 hour then bumped it up to 225.  after one hour at 225 my 4#...
  11. indygreg

    First Stufz

    Bought the stufz gizmo.  it seemed a little clunky to me but ultimately it got the job done and the burgers were really great.  greg a little lawrys Some Onions sauted in butter Add Cheese and bacon Makes some big burgers after an hour on the smoker Sorry but i ate the money...
  12. indygreg

    anyone try mixing a rub with a mixer/whisk?

    i am about to make another batch of jeffs rub and it takes us forever to sift all the brown sugar to get the lumps out.  i would think a blender would just pack up in the bottom.  i am thinking of trying our industrial strength stand mixer with the whisk beaters.  any thoughts? greg
  13. indygreg

    What is the deal on salt in rubs?

     i have some dino bones to do this weekend and i am wondering if i should try something other than jeffs rub.  when i think of beef i think of lawry's seasoning on prime rib.  coating beef with sugar seems a bit odd to me so i was wondering if i should try some kind of salt based rub to bring...
  14. indygreg

    Bought Steam Table for First Party - BB Ribs and Pork Butt w QView

    well i have tried butt, spares, bb ribs, brisket and pizza so i felt qualified to try to smoke for a group.  My son's bday party was yesterday so i did a 10lb pork butt on friday and smoked 6 slabs of ribs yesterday.  Smoked the butt for 13 hours - 3 hours on smoke (i have a traeger) then into a...
  15. indygreg

    What do i do when brisket got to temp too fast (now w QView)

    my first brisket on the traeger.  it is small - 4 lb flat.   i smoked it for a couple hours then turned the temp up to 225 and put it in an open foil pan.  after 3 more hours it was up to 150 and i decided to cover it rather than wait to 165.  my reasoning is that my family seems to like meat...
  16. indygreg

    Second Smoke - "Smoking Butt"! w Qview

    Ok i know it is the oldest of jokes around here but we have been making jokes all day here about my smokin butt.  This is my second meal on the Traeger.  Used jeffs directions of smoking first then covering in a foil pan then separating the broth.  Used "Butt Rub" for something different so that...
  17. indygreg

    Question about my first smoke in process (with Pics)

    i have started smoking some ribs on my traeger texas.  i have been reading here for a while and did jeff's course.  we are testing some spare ribs and some baby backs and i have two questions:  - i am using jeff's 3-2-1 directions and also looking at the 3-2-1 recipe on the traeger website. ...
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