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  1. oillogger

    Big Block Temp Variance

    And to think some folks are worried about a 5 degree variance when cooking. All grills and smokers vary in temperature and you have to learn how to cook with each for the best results. My Big Block is set at the factory suggested vent positions and my "Q" makes my family very happy.
  2. oillogger

    I will do science to it! Smoke + Sous Vide

    I bet a variable temperature hot plate and a large pot could produce similar results. At least well enough for the first time to know if you wante dto invest more money and time into the concept.
  3. oillogger

    Old Bay

    I have been using Old Bay on chicken and pork for years. You almost have to double the amount you use in comparison to other seasons.
  4. oillogger

    What are you smoking this Thanksgiving

    I am smoking two injected turkeys. This will be the 4th Thanksgiving that I have smoked two turkeys. After lunch we always debone what is left over. The smoked turkey reappears in stir fry, soups, cassaroles, BBQ sandwiches, salads, etc.
  5. oillogger

    Not enough bandwidth

    I think the correct answer is "No joke."
  6. oillogger

    Maverick Et 7 ? W/Qview

    I have had my ET-7 for over two years. If it was broken, stolen, or whatever I would soon have another one on order.
  7. oillogger

    ET-73 Question

    Dave, I have the two probe ET-7 model and the same batteries have lasted for at least 7-8 smokes that were 10-12 hours long. I suggest using the batteries until they die but always have replacements available. It doesn't take 5 minutes to change the batteries and put your settings back in.
  8. oillogger

    Crawfish Question From A NewEnglander

    Yup, pinching the tails and sucking the heads on a big sack of nasty, muddy, crawfish is ultimate sacrifice for a friend. I just hate the sound they make when you pour the live crawfish into that 20 gallon pot of highly seasoned boiling water. Boy if PETA could hear their hundreds of tiny...
  9. oillogger

    Crawfish Question From A NewEnglander

    I really do not think you will like crawfish at all. After all they are just odd looking lobster like critters that love living in the mud. They are also called mudbugs because of this. Heck, we have to season the dog out of them and add a whole bunch of other items such as potatoes and corn...
  10. oillogger

    required maintenance?

    Hmmmmmm........this is a clear case of not smoking enough. You should not be getting soot unless the burner or regulator is not adjusted properly.
  11. oillogger

    How do you get the skin crispy?

    I opened this thread thinking someone was really asking how to get crispy chicken skin. Crispy pork skin.......................hmmmmmmmmmm............ fry it. Nothing like homemade cracklings. Do not use foil if you desire a bark on the outside.
  12. oillogger

    Will Pulled Pork Keep in Freezer?

    You cannot just throw caution into the wind with something as important as pulled pork. Follow the guys posting here for vacuum packing and ship the pulled pork packs in a box with dry ice to me. As a trusting fellow BBQ'er I am willing to take the risk testing if you can freeze pulled pork...
  13. oillogger

    Should I buy a GOSM?

    The GOSM can turn out some good "Q" with little effort and usually priced reasoniable.
  14. oillogger

    Suggestions for a good thermometer

    My 2 year old Maverick ET-7 takes a lickin' and keeps on kickin'. http://www.amazon.com/Maverick-Remot...7812101&sr=8-1
  15. oillogger

    GOSM Therometer reading

    I keep wondering how all of those guys smoked some really good "Q" for all of those years without thermometers. I checked my Big Block thermometer when I first bought it and use it only for a reference. A few degrees difference will not matter as long as you know what is going on with the...
  16. oillogger

    How efficient are propane smokers?

    A 5 gallon propane bottle will last 25 to 30 hours for me also.
  17. oillogger

    GOSM Water pan question-

    There must be a good reason why so many types of smokers have water pans. How many smokers come with sand pans or suggest using sand as an alternative to water? Sand only adds a heat sink to help maintain a constant temperature. Water adds a heat sink and also provides steam to restrict...
  18. oillogger

    Now I'm shooting up

    I always purchase my meat injectors from the local feed store. That way I can determine the style and size of the needle I use as well as the maximum volume of the injector. Since I usually create my own injection sauce from grounded up seasonings and melted butter, I tend to use a larger...
  19. oillogger

    AVOID Chaney Instruments (ACCU-RITE) Digital Wireless

    MS Mayhem, If you love your Maverick ET-72 with one temp probe then you will really love the Maverick ET-7 with two temp probes for not many more bucks. Mine is 2 years and about 15 smokes old. It keeps on ticking like a Timex watch. http://www.amazon.com/Maverick-Remot...3310509&sr=1-1
  20. oillogger

    GOSM door mods

    A little leaking smoke around the door of my GOSM Big Block adds a little character to the smoker. Almost every type of smoker will leak a little smoke from different places.
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