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  1. benziebbq

    My 250 Gal. side box build.

    Great job
  2. benziebbq

    Finally pulled the trigger on my new smoker - BELL FAB!!!

    I'd certainly sue, but even UPS can get out of a damage claim by simply stating the packaging was insufficient. Their acceptance of the item isn't necessarily acceptance of the hidden packing.
  3. smokervent1.jpg


  4. benziebbq

    Smoker Calculation question

    The calcs are not what I need, since I'm going 24" dia, but the lineup of the vents and stack relative to the grate is what seems good. The vent from the FB to the CC would still have the flair. The Exhaust: So while the vents line up, the flair is tossing the heat up, mixing the air up...
  5. Smoker Calculation question

    Smoker Calculation question

  6. Smoker.jpg


  7. firebox2Model1.jpg


  8. benziebbq

    Smoker Calculation question

    No sense tweaking what works
  9. benziebbq

    Smoker Calculation question

    Thank you Dave- That's really helpful stuff.
  10. benziebbq

    Smoker Calculation question

    Dave- When you refer to a plenum in your groovy pic, you're referring to the angled "scoop-like" aspect of it?
  11. benziebbq

    Smoker Calculation question

    Good info on the stack, Dave. Thanks for that. Mine won't be RF. Just a standard horizontal offset, but with downdraft porting. Like this thread: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/142517/three-some I like the bigger round stack idea. Thanks again. I'm looking at a24" 1/4" pipe, rather than...
  12. benziebbq

    Smoker Calculation question

    Hi- This site has a great calculator and calculator discussions. I would think that the CC / FB / Exhaust calculations would be the same whether you were looking at a standard offset or a slightly modified Downdraft style (Jambo-type port into CC). It seems that just raising the FB and lowering...
  13. benziebbq

    Looking for plans for a 24 x 48 offset

    Hello all- Really excellent there's a site like this so focused on one great thing. I'm hoping for some guidance in finding plans for a 24" x 48" (or so) offset horizontal. Raised firebox, lowered chimney like Franklin and Jambo Any ideas would be a big deal for me. Thanks!
  14. benziebbq

    Thanks From Northern Michigan

    Thanks for the warm welcome! I'm actually in the Northern LP. Southwest of Traverse City by Lake M
  15. benziebbq

    Possible offset build.

    Very helpful, thanks. I'm looking into having a pit made. Side burner like Jambo or Franklins with an emphasis on top-down heating and airflow. Nice design discussion here: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/142517/three-some
  16. benziebbq

    Thanks From Northern Michigan

    Hello- I joined because there's a lot of discussion about smokers, particularly the top-down vented pits like Jambo and what Franklin does. I'm probably going to have someone build the pit, but came here to learn more. Thanks!
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