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  1. martin1950

    Early Morning Pork Butt

    TaDa, nailed it!! Pork smoked for 13-1/2hrs on my "a little itty-bitty tiny wood chunk burning unit" @ 225*. And the beans turned out pretty good too.
  2. martin1950

    Early Morning Pork Butt

    I must have been having a "senior moment" when I opened the thread. LOL
  3. martin1950

    Early Morning Pork Butt

    Rubbed up a nice little 8-1/2#er last nite with some Tony's and let it sit in the frig for an all day smoke on Thursday. Well I woke at 0100hrs and thought why not. My Pit Boss 820D is up and running. Set the controller, Grilla Alpha Dual Smoke at 225* on mode 2 and slapped the meat to the grill...
  4. martin1950

    If it Ain't Broke Don't Fix It !!

    Everyone does it different. I'll let it sit on the counter for a couple of hours before I seal'em up. Some folk will let them rest in the frig over-night before sealing. I don't think any method is craved in stone.
  5. martin1950

    Another chucky thread.

    Smoked up a 3-1/2# chucky last week like a brisket, WOW!!!!
  6. martin1950

    Beer Can Chicken on the Boss

    It's been a while since did any BCC so I thought I go for a triple today. Just waiting for the "Boss" to level out. 2 of the birds are destined for the freezer. And won't ya know it, one of them is drunk already. Only 2&1/2 hrs at 325*, IT 170*, Boss 820D w/a Grilla Alpha Dual Smoke controller...
  7. martin1950

    A long time w/ no smoke

    This lowly piece of chuck turned out to be the best tasting of all my beef cooks. And I had to push it so I could watch the restart of THE RACE.
  8. martin1950

    A long time w/ no smoke

    Seems like it's been forever but had to eat almost all of the leftovers in the freezer. Being empty-nester, big cooks last a long time. Found a nice little 4# chuck and decided why not. Only problem I fell back to sleep in my Lazy Boy this AM and got a late start, like 1100hrs start time. Guess...
  9. martin1950

    Knives for cutting meat

    I don't think so Willis!! I've got something even better for splitting fire wood.
  10. martin1950

    Knives for cutting meat

    It's not the years, it's the miles.
  11. martin1950

    Knives for cutting meat

    Got tired of my wife using my 10" on a dang plastic board, bought her own 8" chefs knife, I hated it. Kind of partial to my 6" and 10". The steel and both Old Hickory's were issued to me in Feb. '67, survived a lot of moves. Made the maple board about 20yrs ago and bought the 12" Viktor for...
  12. martin1950

    Knives for cutting meat

    You can call me old, lazy and cheap but if I can't get it done w/ these, I don't need to be doing it.
  13. martin1950

    The old Maverick died.

    It was one of the 1st. extra thing I bought after buying my PB820D. Worked pretty good with my pit out in the garage, 35 paces from the house. But got tired of the alarm not working. And to make thing even worse the darn barn cats ate the end off one of the probes. I don't need anything fancy...
  14. martin1950

    Any new Michigan Members?

    Thank Ya Mr. Bob. I'll mark it down and see where we are at when the time comes. Where is the venue at?
  15. martin1950

    Any new Michigan Members?

    Scott, does anyone organize a little get together in or around S/W MI, kind of limited on my driving time. Martin
  16. martin1950

    Hello from Northern California

    One of the beauties of living out in farm country is that my nearest neighbor is a 1/4 mile down the road. S/W. MI.
  17. martin1950

    2 Spatchcock Yardbirds on the Rec Tec

    John, those are by far the greatest looking "Road Killed" birds I've ever seen. I munch them in a heart beat.
  18. martin1950

    Delayed Posting of New Year’s Day Pork & Kraut

    That plate of pork, taters and gravy looks pretty good to me, but too much wasted space on your plate.
  19. martin1950

    First Big Cheese Smoke!

    Welcome to the addiction of smoked cheeses. Your 1st attempt? You nailed it.
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