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  1. phlunkie

    Question I need help with...

    pm sent
  2. phlunkie

    A-MAZ-N-TUBE-SMOKER in my Masterbuilt Smokehouse Propane Smoker

    Wait, so a product was made to take the aggravation of balancing the temp and smoke tray away?  Ok.  And here i am ready to throw my smokers in the street.  Plus i can use it as a cold smoker?  I cannot wait for pay day.  Thanks for the review and heads up.  
  3. phlunkie

    My smoked "spaghetti" attempt

    I guess the title is misleading. Sorry. It is what i would consider a base for many meals.  Boil some pasta and top it.  Or use it over rice, or as a sandwich,   Or omelets,  I get some broccoli stuffed chicken from Sam's and ladle the mixture over it and some angel hair pasta.   
  4. phlunkie

    My smoked "spaghetti" attempt

    I dug these pictures out after seeing  S2K9K's post. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/122827/smoked-spaghetti-sauce I did this back in January on a whim.  I do not remember the temps or cook time.  I believe it was around 250F and maybe 1.5-2 hours. 1. The ingredients. I precooked the...
  5. 393652_342202929123916_1763390890_n.jpg


  6. 383810_342192279124981_106288888_n.jpg


  7. 403131_342167745794101_823684041_n.jpg


  8. 394356_342067695804106_1904684196_n.jpg


  9. phlunkie

    blocking the wind?

    What you built is what has been rolling around my head.  But yours is better than the bits i have.  By chance do you have any bigger pictures for me to drool and possible blanantly rip ideas off of? 
  10. phlunkie

    blocking the wind?

    I ended up breaking out the tarps to help block the wind.   I am good as long as the wind isn't coming head on to the smokers.
  11. 2010-12-25 12.52.54.jpg

    2010-12-25 12.52.54.jpg

  12. phlunkie

    Smoked Acorn Squash

    I did some last week.  All I put on them was butter and prosciutto.   Had a mix of hickory and cherry wood.  I plan on making a bunch for xmas dinner.  I do not think I will ever eat an acorn squash that is not from a smoker.
  13. phlunkie

    GOSM Big Block Door Gasket Mod Results

    Mine should be here today.  Will be setting it up and testing tomorrow. 1/7/11- A little late, but it does make all the difference in the world doing this. I still have to "level" the door out.  Not a consistent diameter.  I would highly recommend sealing the door like this to anyone.
  14. phlunkie

    Masterbuilt Extra Wide or Landmann 3605BGD

    I got the 3605bgd right before thanksgiving from landmann.  I looked furiously online and ended up getting right from Landmanns site.  Best deal. I justified the cost because I have been looking for the features in this model for a long time, and have not been successful in getting it in person...
  15. phlunkie

    Flame coming out of GOSM gas line?

    My smaller smoker has been doing this for  a year. I need to fix it, but it still works.  Nothing has exploded, just keep an eye on it. You can try taking it apart and back together.  Maybe it will fix it when my door seals come in.
  16. phlunkie

    blocking the wind?

    Sounds like my sunday experience. (in florida of all places) Such a rookie mistake.  But it was impromptu.   I have too been thinking of ways to block the wind.  I am thinking about devising a system that will expand as needed along the back ,kinda of like a baby gate, (have 2 smokers) and...
  17. phlunkie

    GOSM Big Block Door Gasket Mod Results

    thanks for the heads up. Ordered 2.  1 left.  
  18. phlunkie

    New Smoker (Costco/Outdoor Liesure), First Post, Questions

    can you post a model number and/or more pictures. I am trying to find it on costcos site but no luck.  
  19. phlunkie

    Masterbuild XL Mods - Post your mods here!

    Thank you for the updates and info.  After reading around, I might just venture into converting an old fridge, or warming type rack.  Not sure yet. Depends on if i can convince the missus on a ugly big fridge in the backyard. I will follow the progress here. 
  20. phlunkie

    Masterbuild XL Mods - Post your mods here!

    I am looking at getting this smoker and was wondering how you came about 4.75 inches for your holes?  Over all, as of now, are you happy with the smoker?  I have had numerous GOSM's and the idea of 1 vent makes me wonder about temperature control.  Would modding a stack into it make sense? Sorry...
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