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  1. salmonclubber


    Hello everyone I decided to try making some Landjager on Sunday I had some pre mixed seasonings that i used for this type of sausage I mixed 50/50 elk/pork butt and did 10 pounds of these I mixed the meat and added the saesoning and stuffed them into 32mm hog casings I tried to just fill the...
  2. salmonclubber

    Rib Roast on the UDS

    Hello Everyone Today i did a rib roast on the UDS it turned out great i rubbed the roast with magic dust and placed it into the drum using apple for smoke it turned out great i pulled the roast at 145 and let it rest for an hour here is the pics
  3. salmonclubber

    Jalapeno Bratworst and Italian sausage

    Hello Everyone Yesterday i did 10 pounds of Jalapeno Bratworst I used the Pre mixed seasoning from PS Seasoning and 10 pounds of pork butt I stuffed them into hog casings these are great i also did 10 pounds of Hot Italian sausage I used Deb's recipe for this and a 10 pound pork butt it is a...
  4. salmonclubber


    Hello Everyone After two months of not doing much of anything on Sunday i decided to make some sausages i did 15 pounds of summer sausages with hi temp cheddar cheese and 10 pounds of snack stix Sunday started out pretty good i got my smoker insulated and all set up during the two months of...
  5. salmonclubber

    Venison Pastrami

    I have never been much of a pastrami guy just never had a good pastrami until now I took out a 5 pound elk roast and used Jeanie's Cowgirl's recipe for venison pastrami Thank you Jeanie this is some good stuff i will be making this one again i cured the roast for 5 days using Jeanies cure after...
  6. salmonclubber

    Cherry smoked buckboard bacon

    Hello Everyone Today i smoked a 10 pound buckboard bacon i used the hi mtn cure and it turned out great i used cherry for the smoke here are the pics
  7. salmonclubber

    New Years Day Brisket

    Hello everyone Yesterday i did a brisket on the drum along with some ABT's and some beans and some sausages and pig peckers it all got a little over done but it still tasted great the wind was blowing around 30 MPH and my drum was out in the open i think a lot of air was going in threw the vent...
  8. salmonclubber

    Dungeness Crab and smoked cheese omlette

    Hello everyone I smoked up a small batch of cheese for Christmas and after Christmas i got to go and catch a few Dungeness Crabs on Sunday morning i got up early and made a nice crab and smoked cheese omlette the smoked cheese gave it a nice flavor here are the pics
  9. salmonclubber

    Liver Sausages

    ok this long weekend i decided to make some liver sausages with both good and bad results the first was Braunschweiger it looked great and smelled great it even tasted great except it did not set up for some reason it just would not hold together and when you tried to slice it it would just...
  10. salmonclubber

    more buckboard bacon

    last Friday i did a 9 pound buckboard bacon its the first one i have done in about 3-4 months i was excited and could hardly wait the 10 day for it to cure after 10 day i rinsed and soaked it for an hour and i placed it into the GOSM at 225 until the bacon temp was 140 i used a mix of apple and...
  11. salmonclubber

    Elk summer sausage with cheese

    Hello everyone on Nov 7 a couple of my buddies went out Elk hunting it was opening day for modern firearm season here in Washington they both got thier bull's one 4 point and a 5 point on Nov 13 we started butchering the 2 elk after work and finished them on the 14 th we ended up grinding 220...
  12. salmonclubber

    Deer Jerky

    Hello Everyone a friend asked if i would do some deer jerky for him he had gotten a nice 2 point mule deer in Idaho i said sure so on Saturday he brought over 10 pounds of deer meat so on Sunday i put it in the seasoning and let it cure for around 36 hours only because i had to work on Monday...
  13. salmonclubber


    Hello Everyone Yesterday i did 10 pounds of polish dogs with jalipeno and cheddar cheese and some 10 pounds of regular polish dogs and some 10 pounds of hot dogs the polish dogs were done with a pre mixed seasoning and a 70/30 mix of Elk and Pork butt the Hot Dogs were done with a 70/30 mix of...
  14. salmonclubber

    Elk ribs and a Elk roast and some beans

    Hello Everyone Today i did some elk ribs in my drum smoker it was great i did the ribs 2-2-1 they got a little over done but they were tender and tasted good the roast i did also got a little on the well done side but it tasted good not to dry i also did a couple of fatty's and some of dutches...
  15. salmonclubber

    Moderator status

    Hello everyone I have stepped down from my moderator status i just dont have enough time to do a good job this is a great site and should be represented by someone who has the time to keep it a great site i will still be around as a regular member see you in the forum Huey
  16. salmonclubber

    calamari anyone

    Today was another fine day on the water we left the dock around 0800 because we ran lat trying to find my net which we could not find so we had to borrow one we started fishing around 0830 and hooked up with a few small kings should have kept a couple but they were small so we released them we...
  17. salmonclubber

    chantrelle stuffed deer heart

    hello everyone Today was the second time i used the drum smoker things went a lot better today then the last smoke i was real busy today so its nothing fancy i just threw everything into the drum and started smoking this weekend my son and i went out deer hunting and both of us got a spike deer...
  18. salmonclubber

    First smoke on the UDS

    i decided to try out the new UDS that i just got done building i fired it up and threw on some ribs chicken and a pork roast i lit it and the temp gauge said 250 the first 3 hours i figured that it was going good so i did not check the meat in the smoker for 3 hours when i did the ribs were rock...
  19. salmonclubber

    Canned Albacore Tuna

    On Saturday august 23 we went out of Lapush fishing for tuna it was an awesome day on the water My buddy Lyle invited me to go along with him for a Tuna fishing trip the weather report called for seas to build to 9-11 ft and a 10-20 knt wind we decided to go anyway because the wind and sea was...
  20. salmonclubber

    My new project

    Hello everyone I am building a new electric smoker my buddy Lyle gave me this huge stainless steel cabinet i am going to use a heating element out of an oven for the heat source i can use old oven racks for the shelves and i bought some stainless steel rod for the shelves to sit on and hang...
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