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  1. hog warden

    My Daily Bread

    (Note : my first crack at the new forum. Jury is still out) Anyway, as for that daily bread........a fresh baked loaf of sourdough........ All sliced up and ready to freeze.....it keeps for weeks if not months this way and a fresh slice is handy to grab. One loaf like this will last me a...
  2. hog warden

    Sourdough Pizza

    A couple types. Normal pizza and so called "Italian" style........ The doughs........ The "babe" repellent.......... The end product........... In addition to the dead fish, the one on the right also has a couple cloves of fresh chopped garlic, along with olive oil, oregano, etc. It...
  3. hog warden

    No Hog is Safe Tonight!

    Was in the vicinity, so I stocked up......a dozen 20 pound bags: Same company where this Dirty Jobs segment was filmed.....different kiln location: I got a chance to look around and found a warehouse full of Cowboy Brand they were bagging. Same stuff as above. Last year it was Kingsford...
  4. hog warden

    Breakfast Sausage Spices

    I took a critical look at some breakfast sausage recipes and was a little surprised at what I found. Here are few that are well known on this site: These three are the one by Pops, Wedlinydomowe (very similar to the breakfast sausage on Pg. 169 of Rytek's 4th Ed) and one I have used several...
  5. hog warden

    Sour Dough - Wanna Try It?

    A couple months ago, I decided to branch out and try my hand at sour dough. After a couple false starts, I made myself a starter. It's been OK, but "self taught by an idiot" and all that. I've made my share of mistakes. Yes, you can order a start (Carls), get a start from a start, or make your...
  6. hog warden

    iphone or Blackberry?

    Lady I'm married to needs to upgrade an older cell phone for work. She is already on AT&T. Seems to have OK coverage in our area. She says she mostly needs phone, text messages, email and Internet in that order. She has seen and handled the iphones, and thinks they are cool and all that, but...
  7. hog warden

    How many grinds?

    For you Bambi killers, when processing the ground up parts before freezing, how many grinds and what plate sizes to do it? Do you add pork fat to the ground venison? If so, what percent?
  8. hog warden

    No Knead Wheat

    On the back of the above sack of KA whole wheat flour is a recipe for a whole wheat bread loaf that is something of a cross between cake mix and bread. It's bread, but it's moist and as whole wheats go, relatively light. And as easy as bread making is ever going to get. You simply mix up all...
  9. hog warden

    A lump of coal

    Actually, it's charcoal. Wrapping up a lump of charcoal to give a future son in law for Christmas, as his real gift is too large to put under the tree: Also gets a whole batch of wood chunks of various types.....pecan, cherry, etc. A really good kid who did stint in Iraq as an Army medic...
  10. hog warden

    Be Prepared

    Motto of the Boy Scouts, but in many ways, good advice for all of us. Am reminded of this when I see stories today about near food riots on the east coast in anticipation of being snowed in for a few days. With a little preparation, no reason why most of us with cooking equipment need to sweat...
  11. hog warden


    Persimmon? The welding shop that makes the Spice Wine smokers also sell smoking woods and while in today to get some parts for a UDS I'm building, I noticed a bag of persimmon wood for smoking. We talked a bit and finally concluded it is a fruit tree. Maybe it would work. Anybody try it?
  12. hog warden

    Sour Dough Biscuits

    If you are ever presented with the dilemma of choosing your last meal, I suggest you put a dozen of these on the menu: That's huckleberry preserves, but blackberry would work just as well. Recipe for about a dozen biscuits (depending on how thick you roll them out) 1 cup sourdough starter...
  13. hog warden

    Bacon Smoking Temps

    What is the max temp you would allow to smoke a slab of bacon? What is final internal temp you want your slab of bacon to get to and how long does it take to get there?
  14. hog warden


    Anybody know anything about making landjaeger? Looking to make something similar to what the Zubers bunch make: http://www.zubersmeats.com/landjaeger.html I've had theirs and it's good stuff. Would love to be able to make something similar. I have the recipe and process from Rytek's book, but...
  15. hog warden

    Sourdough English Muffins

    Testing a few more recipes with this stuff. For reference, the fed starter went to bed yesterday looking like this: By noon today, it had grown in the cold refrigerator to this: Not much experience with this form of livestock, but it seems to me to be chugging along as well as could be...
  16. hog warden

    First Sour Dough

    Have been wanting to try my hand at sour dough breads and biscuits and was ready to send off for a start from Carls, when I remembered an old bread book we got some 35 years ago. It has a sour dough process in it. Three of them to be exact. They said you could do your own starter, so I took a...
  17. hog warden

    I cannot tell a lie

    Actually, no need to. My dad helped me chop down the cherry tree. A mulberry, pin oak and some pecan limbs too. Or rather, I helped him. I went up yesterday to be on hand to skin deer if the bambi killers got lucky (no joy), and decided it would be a good time to cut down some stuff for smoking...
  18. hog warden

    Cervelat Summer Sausage

    Having built a propane smoker, I was wanting to test it on something. Looking over Rytek's book, I noticed a recipe called Cervelat Summer Sausage (page 359, 4th Edition), which called for, among other things, beef hearts. Just so happens I had some frozen beef hearts left over from a piece of...
  19. hog warden

    Sausage - Small Scale

    A recent conversation started out along the lines of, "we are having pasta for dinner.....I need a pound of Italian sausage for the sauce". Well, I had used it all. Assuming I wanted a pound of this or a pound of that, and didn't have time or energy to ramp up for a full batch, what to do...
  20. hog warden

    Smoked Rope w/ Qview

    Years ago, a local locker plant used to sell a stuffed breakfast sausage that was cold smoked. Can't find commercial sources of that these days, so I started making my own. Made the mistake of giving away some samples to family members and now they want more. Lots more. In the case of an...
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