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  1. meatpacker

    AMNPS Elevator Shed

    When using my amnps in my MES I usually have to use a extra rack to elevate it off bottom of smoker and then place foil on the next rack to prevent juices from falling onto pellets. I was thinking of making a device that I could make to elevate it and cover the top without using racks. I'm...
  2. meatpacker

    Temperature Probe

    I cooked a roast on my today on my MES. It was maybe 2 inches thick. I inserted probe at beginning of cook but have since read that I should wait till late before inserting probe. The thing is the instructions were to cook at 210 for 3 hours and at that time I should expect the internal temp to...
  3. meatpacker

    Brown Bag Brisket

    I just read a article about no fuss brisket cook and it got me to wondering. Has anyone ever tried a two part cook using a turkey or large browning bag coupled with a regular grill smoke?  I'm just not sure where it would be best to start.  I might even do a 3 part cook using the browning bag in...
  4. meatpacker

    AMNPS Problem

    Well I have seasoned my new MES and bought a AMNPS and seasoned it as well. I also ran a load of pellets thru it but it kept going out. The first time it went  after burning the first row and turning onto the second. The second time I lit the other end and again it ran out just before it...
  5. meatpacker

    MES Water Pan

    I keep reading "don't use water pan"...................Is there ever a time to use it or is it just spare parts ?
  6. meatpacker

    New MES

    I bought a MES at BPS. They were supposed to sell the model that normally sells for $359 for $199 but instead they sold the $479 model (Sportsman Elite 40 for $199. Now all I need is to get all of the inside info from you guys. :)
  7. meatpacker

    New From Ga

    Hello Meatpacker here. I've lived in several states and am now in GA and retired. My hobbies are hunting, fishing, metal detecting and BBQn. I've got 3-4 grills and a couple of smokers. My biggest smoker is a New Bromfel which has a vertical smoker and a fire box on the side which I modified to...
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