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  1. hmcm

    Baby Backs and Spares for Memorial Day! Q-View!!

    Hi All, I decided to smoke some Baby Backs and Spares yesterday to celebrate Memorial Day (who didn't? ).  I'll keep the talkin' to a minimum so enjoy the slide show! BBRs and Spares from Costco Flap cut off, membrane removed, rub applied (rested overnight) and into the smoker they go...
  2. hmcm

    1st Butt...w/QView

    Hi all, After seeing DeanNC's "1st butt since Christmas", I decided to take his advice and go for it myself.  So, here it is!  It was spectacular!  It was a 7.5lb roast, a little bit of fat trimmed then coated with mustard then Jeff's rub, awesome as usual!  Spritzed every hour with Apple Juice...
  3. hmcm

    Pesky Brisket

    After reading about about and seeing all the beautiful briskets that everyone has done, I decided to try one.  I bought a small 4 lb brisket flat since it was my first one and all and prepped it for smoking last Sunday.  I just got my new Maverick ET-732 (thanks Todd at A-MAZE-N Products!) and...
  4. hmcm

    More Baby Backs!

    I decided to try some more baby backs this past weekend and they came out great!  I used Jeff's rub and BBQ sauce again and it was very good.  My wife had a bunch of her friends over and they couldn't get enough of them! My question to the group is:  I've heard about some rubs with coffee in...
  5. hmcm

    Cover for the Masterbuilt XL

    Hi All, I was looking for a cover for my Masterbuilt XL and found that Masterbuilt doesn't make one.  So, someone on this forum suggested trying the The Cover Store at www.the-cover-store.com .  I couldn't find the thread again so I can't given proper credit to the person who suggested it.  So...
  6. hmcm

    My first attempt at smoking! Baby Backs!

    Hi All, Well, I finally got a chance to try my hand at smoking with all the advice from you all.  I decided to go with baby back ribs.  I have to say that it wasn't as easy as I thought but it will get easier, I'm sure.  I can see that it's all in the prep!  I had a little difficulty getting...
  7. hmcm

    Another newbie to smoking meat!

    Hi All, I've been considering getting into smoking for a while now and so the wife went and bought a smoker for me for Christmas.  She bought the Masterbuilt XL at BPS for $179.  A great price I thought.  I've been poking around this forum for a few weeks and have gotten a lot of great advise...
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