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  1. smhead

    30gal SS Drum pics. Help me with a build?

    Great info folks, thanks! I started drilling my holes today, going to have one grill at the top for when I can find a Webser lid, but will place another down 7" from top. Good advice. I have been using 1" pipe nipples at the bottom, one with a ball valve. At first I was going to do 3 but I am...
  2. smhead

    30gal SS Drum pics. Help me with a build?

    I may do that then. I might also weld my pipe nipples into the barrel as well. I just came back from picking up a step bit to drill the holes and some handles for the thing, and got some expanded steel for the coal box (sorry ECTO1, didn't get it at Triple S). Now to carve out some time to get...
  3. smhead

    30gal SS Drum pics. Help me with a build?

    Great to hear. Yeah, I can attach that smokestack, I have a wirefeed welder and knw a little about using it, but not about welding stainless. I was going to use that stanless box as an ash catcher and make an expanded steel coal box. I'll try it as is. I got my rack from a Weber parts bin at...
  4. smhead

    30gal SS Drum pics. Help me with a build?

    First question to come up in this build as I gather materials is - since I have stainless, does it need paint on the outside? Seems it doesn't NEED paint. Second question, if it should be ideally 24" minimum from my coals to the grill, it seems I don't have much room, I should look for a Weber...
  5. smhead

    Hello again from the coastal plain of TX

    Glad to be here, I see the changes, nice place indeed. Looking forward to getting to know folks. Thanks for the warm reception!
  6. smhead

    Hello again from the coastal plain of TX

    Back again after registering in '09 and getting side tracked by life. Skill level is low, pretty good at BBQ, grilling and such, but need to make a Texas brisket like dad does, and he's not one to teach me in his old age. Got a barrel smoker project in the works, so I'm hoping to start smoking...
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  10. smhead

    30gal SS Drum pics. Help me with a build?

    Greetings! Its been a looong time but I've been a member here for a while, but got a bit overwhelmed with other things. I am ready now to go about a build. I acquired this 30 gallon stainless steel drum, a coal box, thermometer, smokeskack and various cut up bits and pieces from a friend who was...
  11. smhead

    Gator Pits?

    Looking to get me a new smoker, I like the horizontals so I can grill on the box if needed. Anyone have any feedback about these guys? I'm looking at something like this one, I like the idea of quarter inch steel http://www.gatorpit.net/backyard_pit...rd_classic.htm
  12. smhead

    Taking up smoking again

    Welcome, I'm a newb too, but noticed your user name. I went to Dobie high school but unfortunately never read any of his books.
  13. smhead

    Newbie to smokin' saying hello

    Thanks for the welcome. After reading a bit I think I'll take back the Brinkman and get something else of similar size and arrangement. Unsure though, need to read more. Looking forward to learning.
  14. smhead

    Newbie to smokin' saying hello

    Looking to get a smoker. I got one of those cheap sheetmetal "Brinkmann Smoke N Grill" things as a gift and figured I'd give it a go, doesn't look too quality. My dad has a similar smoker but its made of heavy iron and has a vertical smoker component on it, he does wonders with it. Just trying...
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