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  1. david r

    Suggestion on New Smoker

    Guys, I think it has come time for me to purchase something new for my smoking needs. I have a cheaper charbroil cabinet style electric smoker and I have made some great meals with it. But the temp is becoming very hard to control and it is getting beat up. For the level of what I cook...
  2. david r

    Grinding a Corned Beef Point

    I bought a bunch of these corned beef points at the store the other day, got um for $2 a pound with the holiday and all I was thinking of making a Rueben Burger by Grinding a point and pressing the meat into burger patties. My question, is does anyone have experience grinding corned beef...
  3. david r

    Sirloin Tri Tip Suggestions

    Anyone have any favorite recipes for Sirloin Tri Tip Beef Roast?   Got a 4 pounder I'm gonna smoke this weekend and its my first one.  I got some Cabela quick cure,   but I am leaning against that.   Not sure if I want to marinate or brine and how to go about it.   I think I am leaning mesquite...
  4. david r

    Cabela Meat Cure

    Hey guys,  I was wondering if any of you out there had any experience with Cabalas curing products...
  5. david r

    Cleveland Smoking

    Hello all, been reading posts for a long time and wanted to start participating. I am at a pretty novice level as a smoker. I like to smoke for family and friends for football parties. I live in Cleveland Ohio proper, and typically I smoke wet cured pork and beef.
  6. david r

    Wet Cure Advise

    I need some advise on a bone inpork loin I am curing. I made a Wet Cure with Prauge Powder and placed a 4-5lb roast in fridge. It had been curing for a few days when I fliped the meat in the fridge and the bone must of punctured the bag, now my brine is only covering 3/4 or so, and I didnt...
  7. david r

    Happy to Join

    I am very excited to Join this forum. I have read so many helpful posts. I am a bit of a novice. I have been smoking for about 1 year and love to Cure. Being a huge Browns fan, I need to make great food or nobody will come over on Sundays!
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