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  1. jcam222

    Texas Style Smoked Brisket (Flat)

    Looks tasty!! I’m overdue for some brisket I think
  2. jcam222

    Pork Steak Anyone?

    They look great! I’m a huge fan of pork steaks. When I was younger they were so much cheaper than most things I could grill I ate them often.
  3. jcam222

    Hot n fast ribs

    PC that’s some fine looking food! Both the chicken and ribs looks perfect. I cook hotter and faster than many do quite a bit and love the results.
  4. jcam222

    Authentic German Rouladens (Pics)

    Another excellent food journey you took us on Robert! The end results are phenomenal as usual. That cut shot is the magazine shot buddy. This is the second dish with some kraut I’ve seen. With my new fermenting addiction I feel some kraut in my future.
  5. jcam222

    Chef Knife Set $12

    Thanks for the bump Steve. I ordered another set today. I’ve not used my first set yet but they are surgical sharp. The feel of the knife in hand and overall quality is astonishing. I’m collecting them up for Christmas gifts. They are a great deal at $25 and if ever $12 again I’ll have everyone...
  6. jcam222

    Brisket slicing knife reccomendation

    I’d suggest looking at Mercer or for a bit more Dalstrong for a granton edge slicer. Prices are moderate and quality is good.
  7. jcam222

    Brisket slicing knife reccomendation

    I love my Mercer granton edge slicers. I have two sizes. I couldn’t believe how much they improved the appearance of my sliced meats.
  8. jcam222


    Looking good! ABT’s ate without doubt my favorite appetizer to do in the smoker.
  9. jcam222

    Saturday smokehouse dinner

    It all looks good but the cream cheese looks off the hook good!
  10. jcam222

    Pork shots, stuffed peppers, and shotgun shells

    Man that is just a feast!! Those pies sure look good too!
  11. jcam222

    Featured Feed Frenzy…Smoked Dino Beef

    All looks good. I don’t trim my beef ribs at all really. What’s the purpose of the Apple slices in the almond pic?
  12. jcam222

    Klobasniky (Kind of)

    That looks like some tasty finger food for sure.
  13. jcam222

    It was gonna be the last smoke this year but------

    Looks mighty fine to me!
  14. jcam222

    Featured Asado de Chile Colorado

    Thanks guys I appreciate it! Just polished off some leftovers yesterday. Already miss it lol.
  15. jcam222

    Smoked Butter

    Now that’s a good thought too. You will make my list longer lol.
  16. jcam222

    Smoked Butter

    💯 agree, that’s my largest concern with it but we shall see.
  17. jcam222

    Smoked Butter

    I have smoked butter on my constantly growing to do list. I have a very different idea I want to try for it. May end up poorly but I have to try it. I plan on freezing the butter as cold and hard as possible. I’m going to put it on a cooling rack above a foil loaf pan and hot smoke around...
  18. jcam222

    They're Back... The 2021 Paqui #OneChipChallenge... Take the Challenge!

    I noticed hear popped up at the local Circle K last week. Only 4 carbs so maybe one day I’ll try a bite lol. I doubt it though.
  19. jcam222

    Pork chop on grill

    Hard to beat a good grilled chop. I’d have to insulate that grill to keep cooking in the winter :)
  20. jcam222

    Chicken Marsala Low Carb Attept

    Looks great Brian. I’m going to give jicama fries a shot at some point for sure.
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