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  1. bauchjw

    where to buy beechwood pellets

    Greetings Steve, not sure about beechwood pellets. I’m not sure that I’ve seen any here. But google gave me this: https://kirtlandproducts.com/bbq-and-grilling/ Good luck!
  2. bauchjw

    Scholarship Raffle Knife

    That is beautiful, Man you do some amazing work! Thank you for sharing, I have no doubt that will be a big ticket item! God Bless you for that effort.
  3. bauchjw

    Bbq places in Alabama

    I listened to a couple podcasts featuring Byron's Smokehouse and Willie's Wings at Auburn. I’d really like to check them out. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/meat-dave/id1439997269?i=1000527691315
  4. bauchjw

    Featured Feed Frenzy…Smoked Dino Beef

    Thank you Sir! Very appreciated! JW Thank you Sir…it’d be nice to afford it every night!
  5. bauchjw

    Featured Feed Frenzy…Smoked Dino Beef

    Thank you Ryan! Hehe, it drives my wife nuts, but it’s fun to try random stuff on the smoker!
  6. bauchjw

    Feed Frenzy…Smoked Dino Beef

    All the Beef Rib threads I’ve been looking at made me crazy, so I headed to the butcher to satisfy the cravings….. I leave more fat on mine. Salt, cracked pepper, EVOO, mesquite at 225 this morning before running around to soccer games all morning…...
  7. bauchjw

    Smoked Shotgun Shells Appetizer!

    Thanks! That is definitely in the must do list!!!!!Man this forum is the end of all free time…haha, in a great way!!!!
  8. bauchjw

    Featured Feed Frenzy…Smoked Dino Beef

    Thank you Foamy! One more week snd I’ll be able to try your beans! Damn Hieght/Weight standards! Thank you Robert! I have the bones simmering with some good veggies in a pot right now for a nice stock! JW Thank you Sir! It’s been a bit hectic, so lots of experimenting out of pure chaos! Thank...
  9. bauchjw

    Featured Feed Frenzy…Smoked Dino Beef

    Thank you BB! The bones are going into a stock right now!
  10. bauchjw

    Featured Feed Frenzy…Smoked Dino Beef

    Thank you Ray! Very appreciated! JW Thank you Yankee! The almonds came out excellent. When I’m off this diet I’ll try the Slap Ya Momma with a bit of brown sugar with butter or egg whites to bind. They’re a tasty snack and good on salads. Thank you JJ, yes, threw the mushrooms together, I used...
  11. bauchjw

    Featured Feed Frenzy…Smoked Dino Beef

    Thank you Jim, my daughter’s eyes rolled to the back of her head when she took a bite, then asked why we don’t eat those every night🤣 JW Thank you Al, I appreciate it. There was one or two threads that got me hungry for em too! JW thank you David, came out nice! Yes, the Zen cat was my...
  12. bauchjw

    Eggs Benedict

    Beautiful! Those are a tie for chicken fried steak for my favorite breakfast!!! Great job!
  13. bauchjw

    Authentic German Rouladens (Pics)

    Crushed that one! Perfect fall meal!!!!
  14. bauchjw

    The pending storm in the NW corner......

    Here it comes! Get ready!
  15. bauchjw

    Klobasniky (Kind of)

    Nice! That looks like a lot of fun to make…and eat! Great work!
  16. bauchjw

    BBQ Sauce Making

    Bourbon improves almost everything except my judgement! Looking good!
  17. bauchjw

    It was gonna be the last smoke this year but------

    Wow! Looks great!
  18. bauchjw

    Pork shots, stuffed peppers, and shotgun shells

    Wow! Thank you for sharing! They look amazing, I’m definitely trying that!!! Big like for the effort and results!
  19. bauchjw

    Saturday smokehouse dinner

    Rocked it! First plate? Haha! Go for it!
  20. bauchjw

    They're Back... The 2021 Paqui #OneChipChallenge... Take the Challenge!

    Phew! I wish I had the guts to play!
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