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  1. uncle eddie

    Sous Vide Flank Steak

    ...mother nature is trying to drown us here in Missouri, we decided to keep the cooking mostly inside went with a flank steak in the (Inkbird) sous vide. Pulled it from the deep freeze this morning, let it thaw for a couple of hours, repackaged it in shrink wrap with our fave marinade...
  2. Bearcarver

    Canadian bacon

    Good one Dave!! That's the only Sous Vide book I got !! Love It !! Bear
  3. daveomak

    Canadian bacon

    A Practical Guide to Sous Vide Cooking (douglasbaldwin.com)
  4. N

    Sous vide

    Anyone familiar with sous vide cooking?
  5. jcam222

    Sous vide Berkshire chop and warm Caesar salad

    Used Sous Vide an the Blackstone here so there this in the general forum. Took a couple weeks away from cooking. Back at it today. For something a little different I made a warm Caesar salad. Grilled Little Gem lettuce and charred red onion with capers, Parmesan , homemade keto croutons and...
  6. Bearcarver

    Eye round for dinner.

    That all looks Outstanding, Steve!! Love the Taters & Shrooms, but I never had tender Eye Round, unless it was sliced real thin or Sous Vide. Like. Bear
  7. M

    Spare Ribs

    20 hr 152 sous vide, home made apple bbq sauce. twice baked potatoes and bacon fried brussel sprouts.
  8. smokeymose

    MCS hit and SV was the result....

    Welcome to the world of Sous Vide! Lots of possibilities. Yes you're going to end up wanting a bigger "pot"
  9. daveomak

    New to SV

    I have some food safety concerns with your method.. 132F for 1:30 ??? Please use Baldwin's tables... A Practical Guide to Sous Vide Cooking (douglasbaldwin.com)
  10. jcam222

    Cherry smoked turkey breast

    Definitely would be great to sous vide. We often just eat cold on salads or sandwiches but sometimes I’ll do a warm dish with it.
  11. N

    Venison Steak

    Did you give it a good sear after the water bath? Sous Vide is a neat way of cooking
  12. kruizer

    Smoking Meat Several Days Before Serving

    If you have a sous vide machine, you could vac pack the meats and re warm the meats the day of serving.
  13. Bearcarver

    Poor Mans Prime Rib. (AKA SV’d Chuck Roast for 48 Hours)

    Thank You FB !! If you're talking about the Gray Powder in Pics #2 and #3, that's just the Lipton Beefy Onion Soup Mix, and during the 48 hours in Sous Vide, it dissolves into the meat juices & seasons the whole Roast. Bear
  14. uncle eddie

    Fess'up, Who Dun'it?

    time to invest in a sous vide :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  15. BrianGSDTexoma

    Chuck roast into steaks, worth it?

    I have grilled whole seven bone chuck roast like steaks to mid rare and where very good. Not sure about steaks? They come out great in a sous vide.
  16. M

    Travel Question

    ...are traveling to Colorado to meet my son and his family from CA. for Christmas. I plan on smoking a brisket and some tri tips to take with us. I will have a sous vide to warm the meat. My question is, do I slice the meat before vacuum sealing or not? Anyone have experience with this? Thanks.
  17. 73saint

    Sous Vide Egg Bites

    4 eggs 4Tbs cottage cheese 1/4 cup gruyere 1/4 cup Monterey jack 1/4tsp salt Set sous vide for 167 blend ingredients 30 seconds. Take 5oz mason jars, spray with non stick, and add whatever ingredients you want in your egg bites to the bottom of the jars, then fill with egg mix. Cover and cook...
  18. BrianGSDTexoma

    Pulled Beef

    That's a good looking plate. I was planning on doing Bears sous vide but I may have to rethink that now.
  19. N

    Summer sausage taking a long time to finish

    Alrighty, Thanks for the input guys. I've only done a few small batches before this, and they've all gone fine. I have a sous vide machine, would I be able to water bath them up to 155 yet to be on the safe side?
  20. smokininidaho

    Can't decide tri tip method

    Forgot about my sous vide machine. Could do it that way to 130 and sear over lump on my grill or cast iron pan as chopsaw mentioned. Decisions, decisions lol.
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