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  1. wnc goater

    Trouble getting it dried out

    I have a MEC 30 and just trying some venison jerky in it but having difficulty getting jerky to dry out. I keep the temp down below 140-150 degrees for 4-5,6 hours and it is still not dried. I end up taking it up to 175-180 in the MEC before it really looks like jerky should. I sort of think...
  2. wnc goater

    First time butt in MEC 30

    Okay guys.  I've read threads, done the searches etc.   I'm doing a pork butt for a family gathering this Sunday at lunchtime.  I've read threads about stalling, the 40°-140°/four hour danger zone, foiling to "speed up" etc.  Having never done a butt I have a fear of it being lunchtime Sunday...
  3. wnc goater

    Beef tenderloin today!

    We bought a whole beef tenderloin to cut into steaks.  But that little tail end is never thick enough.  We cut it off and decided to try it low and slow on the smoker.  I didn't have a beef specific rub and wanted to try something different from Jeff's rub which is great, but I really don't want...
  4. wnc goater

    My first fattie pictures

    Well I did my first fattie today.  Rolled it yesterday and smoked it today. (That meant something different back in the 70's!) Flattened ole Jimmy Dean in a bag the split the bag & added ingredients before rolling,  mushrooms, onions, provolone, and potatoes. I cut one large baking potato...
  5. wnc goater

    Fatty question, potatoes?

    A question for the fatty experts. If potatoes are diced small and used as a fatty stuffing, will they get done? I'm wondering if 3+ hours to 165-175 IT will leave the potatoes not cooked to tender stage. Going to try my first fatty tomorrow with potatoes diced small, provolone, onions, and...
  6. wnc goater

    Something I learned about my MES 30

    This is offered as an FYI from a complete newb so take it for what it's worth.  I had a very difficult time getting temperatures up this weekend.  Took 10 hours to smoke some summer sausage, then Super Bowl Sunday I spent all day and BARELY got my ribs and chicken done.  I've thrown out the...
  7. wnc goater

    Summer Sausage Newb first time (follow up)

    Thanks to those who offered help with my previous questions. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/176982/summer-sausage-newb-question So yesterday was the day.  I used two pounds of venison burger with an unknown fat content, 2 1/2 lbs. of pork BButt, and rounded it all out with 1/2 lb of lean...
  8. wnc goater

    Summer Sausage Newb Question

    Going to try some summer sausage this weekend.   My intent was to use some left over Boston butt and some lean beef, 50/50 with a Lem seasoning kit. But a friend just gave me some fine looking venison burger.  So I thought that would make some good SS too. So, would it make sense to grind the...
  9. wnc goater

    Newb, drying peppers questions

    I did a search and didn't find specifically what I was looking for. I love jalapenos, and grew quite a bit of them this past year.  I usually slice and pickle them and eat them when we have tacos, chile, etc. However, this past summer I had an abundance, more than I wanted to pickle, and ended...
  10. wnc goater

    First time newb, ribs and wings today

    I'm new at all this and decided today to try some ribs with Jeff's rub.  I have a Masterbuilt 30" which I just got with some cashed in Lowes gift cards I received for Christmas.  I had an old Cabelas kettle type about 20 years ago and had little success with it, just not knowing what I was...
  11. wnc goater

    Hi there, new guy from NC

    Hello all,  new to this forum.  Recently cashed in some Lowes gift cards received for Christamas and got a Masterbuilt electric smoker.  I had a kettle type charcoal smoker from Cabelas years ago and never had much luck with it.  Always too hot or cold and I had no information in that long ago...
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