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  1. captsly

    Another "please help with grinder choice" thread

    I have the northern tool #12 grinder and it works great. I grind 12 to 14 pounds of pork butts at a time and it never misses a beat. I do partially freeze the chunks before grinding though.  I also have the northern tool 5 lb stuffer. It works good as well. Some people don't like it because of...
  2. Have to brag a little....

    Have to brag a little....

  3. captsly

    Have to brag a little....

    Caught a sale on pork butts today when I got of the tug. Our little HEB had them on sale for $0.88 per pound!! I am used to paying $1.39 to $1.59 per pound at Sams. Needless to say I stocked up....65 pounds to be exact.  I had to go back several times as they would only let me get 2 at a time...
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  6. captsly

    When is this going to be open again.

    Go to this link to sign up!!   http://www.smoking-meat.com/smoking-basics-ecourse.html Jeff
  7. captsly

    A Great Man Has Passed Away

    RIP Scarbelly,,,,You will be missed by all!!  My condolences to Lisa and family, and prayers for you all.
  8. captsly

    Best BBQ place downtown Houston?

    Paps is probably the best I can think of downtown. Sorry I don't know address, but it is pretty good.
  9. captsly

    Starting the AMNPS

    I microwave my pellets for a minute or so in a pyrex measuring cup before I put them in the maze to zap the moisture out of them. Really helps with getting them going.
  10. captsly

    Pop vs. Soda vs. Coke

    Here in Texas the old timers call it soda water.
  11. captsly

    Smoked Almond Question

    When I smoke my almonds I always had a problem with the spices falling off real easily after they cooled. I found that if I ground the spices real fineit helped. This last batch I took the advise of a friend and added egg whites to the wet part and tossed real good then sprinkled on the spices...
  12. captsly


    “The first thing I plan to smoke if I win the A-MAZE-N-PELLET-SMOKER Contest is _Canadian Bacon_.”  
  13. captsly

    yet anther guy from Texas

    Welcome fellow Texan!! Jeff
  14. captsly

    Coming up to the big leagues - MANVEL TX

    Welcome to a fellow Texan!  This is a great site to gain knowledge, or just bounce ideas around.  Lots of friendly folks here!! Jeff
  15. captsly

    First Smoke... Chicken Bacon Bites... Q-View

    When I light mine I blow it good until you see a good cherry coal glowing. If you are going for 2 hours of smoke, I would definitely light up both ends and let her go!! Make sure you fill up the rows and tamp it down on something solid to compact it good.  Also I put the dust I am getting ready...
  16. captsly

    First Smoke... Chicken Bacon Bites... Q-View

    Here is the link to the page where you can purchase his rub and sauce.  http://www.smoking-meat.com/jeffs-naked-rib-rub-recipe-smf.html I love the stuff.. Try it exactly like the recipe first before you change anything. I add a little more salt for my taste..... BTW the chicken bites look...
  17. captsly


    Yes it is Masterbuilt Electric Smoker 40 inch. A great electric smoker IMHO! Jeff
  18. captsly

    Mojo Criollo

    I get mine here in Texas at either Kroger or Walmart. I even bought a 3 pack deal at Sams a couple of weeks ago.... Maybe talk to the manager at the store and see if they can get it in for you.  I love the Chipolte Mojo, its got a good kick!
  19. captsly

    Cajun Injector Smoker is it a MES 40?

    Yes it is the same as a 30 inch MES. I had bought one a year or so ago. I quickly found I needed the extra room that the MES 40 inch had and bought one from Sams. It works well but just smaller and a longer recovery time when you open it up to spritz or whatever.
  20. captsly

    need some prayers fast guys..........

    Prayers sent from Texas!  Hope for a speedy recovery!
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