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  1. smokegoddess

    Are we Competition Ready?

    Funnel has 2 uses: beer and sauces
  2. smokegoddess

    Anyone use Lemon or Lime Juice in Jerky Marinade?

    that sounds awesome!! what brand did you use?
  3. smokegoddess

    What Meat is This?

    That's what I suggested in the first few posts ;)
  4. smokegoddess

    What Meat is This?

    that's what I suggested a couple posts ago ;)
  5. smokegoddess

    Anyone use Lemon or Lime Juice in Jerky Marinade?

    You know - I'm not sure - but I would think so, I've used it to marinate some chicken breast for the grill (with yougurt and cayenne) and it never looked like it started to 'cook' it
  6. smokegoddess

    What Meat is This?

    sounds like a game show! maybe this should be a monthly poll
  7. smokegoddess

    Anyone use Lemon or Lime Juice in Jerky Marinade?

    I don't know if this will work or not - but if you go to a Persian grocery store (we have a few here in Winnipeg) you can find Lime powder (dehydrated limes then crushed) - it's a very instense flavor.
  8. smokegoddess

    How long to marinate??

    We are going to try making jerky for the first time this week, as wee have a couple old roasts in the freezer that need to be used up.  Going to try 2 different kinds, a Chipotle BBQ and a Ginger/Garlic/Spicy Teriyaki. The BBQ one we are planning to smoke first then dehyrdate and the Teriyaki...
  9. smokegoddess

    First Pork Loin... Looking for some input.

    I've actually done a Porchetta style port loin - I slice it a third from the tob (almost all the way through) and then from there slice it at the other third almost all the way through so that it opens like a tri-fold pamphlet.  From there I had minced garlic, whole fresh basil leaves, bacon...
  10. smokegoddess

    Dry Cured Peperone

    OMG that looks delicious!! What else do you have hanging in your chamber?
  11. smokegoddess

    Need suggestions on smoking a turkey breast **Updated with Q-View**

    I like to brine my turkey with some cinnamon sticks and bay leaves and whole peppercorns, since it has the bone in and skin on, I agree, I wouldn't smoke it at too high of a temp, but if your still worried about drying it out - try sliding some strips of bacon in between the skin and meat! Adds...
  12. smokegoddess

    Smoked Almonds

    Egg whites work great! Just add whatever spices you want to the whites, whip them up and toss in your nuts! Not just almonds, you can do pecans, walnuts, etc. I've never smoked them, but I've toasted them in the oven before. I thought that you would smoke them before and then add your coating...
  13. smokegoddess

    Best Vacuum Sealer?

    Sounds great - Thanks everyone!!
  14. smokegoddess

    Best Vacuum Sealer?

    Not sure if this is the best Forum Thread to put this in, but I'm looking for the best Vacuum sealer that you guys have found on the market? We recently purchased and subsequently returned the Food Saver v3460 - it's the black upright that senses, vacuums and seals the bad automatically. It...
  15. smokegoddess

    a couple turkeys over the weekend

    Looks delicious! Smoked Turkey is one of my favortite things - try sliding the bacon between the skin and the breast meat next time - it won't burn (so you get to eat it - yum!!) and it helps keep the breast moist.
  16. smokegoddess

    Without futhre delay here are your December Throwdown Winners!!!!!

    Great - can't wait! I was gonna post for Decembers - but with Christmas, I ran out of time! Looking forward to seeing what Feb's Throwdown is!
  17. smokegoddess

    Without futhre delay here are your December Throwdown Winners!!!!!

    Is there going to be a January Throwdown?
  18. smokegoddess

    January 6th 2012

    it should be -20 Celsius (4F) here in MB, we are sitting at +4 (20F) celsius right now with hardly any snow - and we have had nothing but this warm weather for all of Dec and Jan
  19. smokegoddess

    First Turkey Smoke

    Seperate the skin from the breast meat and slide bacon slices through - usually 3 per breast, fit side by side - helps keep the breasts nice and moist - and who doesn't LOVE bacon??!!!???!!!. I would also put a clean drip pan underneath with carrots, celery, onions, and some chicken stock and...
  20. smokegoddess

    pineapple injection?

    I probably would only inject it about an hour before you cook/smoke it. Is this ham pre-cooked? If it is, it's not going to break down the meat as much, and you could likely leave it in there longer. I'm smoking my pre-cooked ham (bone in) for the first time this year, usually i just bake it for...
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