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  1. coz

    Gravity feed smoke box???

    And they are great group of guys.
  2. coz

    Gravity feed smoke box???

    I am in the start of gathering material to start build # 4. #1 was a vertical which died an unfortunate death when I didnt get the chute emptied and went down the road and it started back up.# 2 which may be one of the mentioned ones where the heat enters the cook chamber from the bottom center...
  3. coz

    WSM owners

    In a few weeks I should be able to tell you.If things work out I am picking up a pair of used ones.I have only been around 1 time when a wsm was used but it was a cold windy day and I thought it did a good job.Will they replace my clone?I doubt it but with plans to do a couple comps next year...
  4. coz

    Snow-storm smoke

    Poor Ginny.Hers what I had to deal with for yesterdays turkey cook.I dont think it ever got over 10 degrees.
  5. coz

    2008 Annual SMF Gathering Alert

    Not another dang trip to Mi.Birch Run in Feb.Couple fishing trips in summer dang it??Maybe you Mi.folks could coordinate with my fishing pals over there and have a group party at one of the harbors there and fish and eat in the same trip....
  6. coz

    UDS cold weather test

    Other than using a little more charcoal she ran well.It never got over 18 degrees today.I thought I would try the UDS for some chicken and stuffed fattty and a meatloaf.I had the valve open and one of the vents open and cooked at 300 for the time it took.I left her run till the fuel burned out...
  7. coz

    Started Stumps style today

    Bubba,when and if I decide to pedal the first one I have several of my friends who have been around when I have cooked on her ready with cash in hand.I want to decide on a design that does exactly what I want and build a pair to mount on a trailer for doing a few comps.I spent a little time on...
  8. coz

    Started Stumps style today

    I am part way thru the second one now.I have stuck to the basic Stumps concept with some small changes.This cooker has been a pretty good tool for me.If you have the means and the time its a fun build and will last a long time.If not Walter and the boys at Stumps build a wonderful unit.I had a...
  9. coz

    Charcoal preference

    Good Job Deb.My wwife decided we have to go shopping tomorrow.So I am going to check around Menards, Home Depot and FleetFarm, walmart.I am a fan of Grove lump.Been using it in the clone since she started breathin.I have used over 20 bags so far and have been happy.I am going to look for some...
  10. coz

    To flip or not to flip...

    I start with 16 briquettes in the chimney and for my barrel its about right.What are the rest of you doing?
  11. coz

    Gravity Feed - Stumps Smokers

    This is the one Deb.http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ead.php?t=3847 I am starting a new one with some different ideas incorporated into her.I have to get real happy with a design soon as I am building 2 units to put on a trailer to use next summer.And I would like to be able to use it by...
  12. coz

    Gravity Feed - Stumps Smokers

    My Chute is 6"square 1/4"wall.The tube going into the cook chamber is 3"x5"also 1/4" wall.If I remember correct it is 44"tall.
  13. coz

    Gravity Feed - Stumps Smokers

    I believe that they Start in the area of $1995.00 give or take a little.And then shipping.
  14. coz

    Gravity Feed - Stumps Smokers

    Having built a clone and used it for several months now these are great cookers.I havent used an assist yet(Stoker or Guru)but have had very consistent temps and have done many overnite cooks and its within 10 degrees of where I left it the nite before when I get up in the morning.One of the...
  15. coz

    My New Smoker

    Mike,on the drum I built I used 3/4" pipe fittings welded into the bottom for air flow and put a cheap ball valve on one of the fittings. With the valve shut just a small amount I can run it at 220 very consistant.Also when wide open it runs 250 ish.Thats with the other 3 closed.I have a weber...
  16. coz

    Racine or Menominee Falls comps

    Bubba,its past that already.Actually my wife is excited about doing this maybe more than I am.Every hobby I have had turns into some kinda competition or another side business.Competition coon hunted,raced cars and motorcycles,done a few salmon tournies etc.
  17. coz

    Racine or Menominee Falls comps

    Mossy,I used the calender search function on the KCBS site and came up with some .Huron SD had a comp on 6-1 and 6-2.Stevensville MT had a comp on 8-3 and 8-4.There are several in Mn with 1 left for the year.http://www.smsumustangs.com/Pdfs/gen...st%20Flier.pdf Cheech most of what I learned the...
  18. coz

    Racine or Menominee Falls comps

    The comps I have been going to are KCBS,and on their site they have schedules.http://www.kcbs.us/default.php
  19. coz

    Racine or Menominee Falls comps

    Spent yesterday observing at Menominee Falls,Wi comp and came away with some more lessons.I guess I picked the right team to hang out with as they took Grand Champions.Thanks to 2 Fat Bikers for the training sessions!
  20. coz

    Grand champion chant

    I hope some of the luck I wished you got your way and didnt all stay at the comp i was observing at.
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