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  1. floridarandy

    Times for Turkey Pieces Not Whole Bird

    David - please confirm that smoking time is reduced because weight is reduced.  i want to be sure my 30/lb at 235 degrees is still correct....just shorter because the pieces weigh less than the whole. Thanks Randy
  2. floridarandy

    Times for Turkey Pieces Not Whole Bird

    Smokey Joe barrel smoker using lump charcoal & apple wood.  DW has requested two bone in turkey breasts (pre-split @ 3 lbs each) and 1/2 turkey bone-in split in half down the middle @ 6.5 lbs (breast, wing, and thigh).  I'm concerned that smaller individual pieces may cook faster than on whole...
  3. floridarandy

    Managing Heat vs Smoke

    Thanks Cliffcarter - since I first posted this in April i've learned that the firebox on SJ 16 is really a bit small for wood only work.  I'm now using lump with wood chunks to impart needed smoke and have learned to control temp easily on 12-22 hour smokes.
  4. floridarandy

    Managing Heat vs Smoke

    Cheflou - I am hardly a veteran but have successfully dealt with temperature so I'll share what I've learned.  First, take a day to learn about your smoker without risking meat.  Second, measure the temperature of your grill and learn how low and how hot it will get. In order to accurately...
  5. floridarandy

    Managing Heat vs Smoke

    i do find that stubbs in particular do impart more of  a smoke flavor than "standard" briquetes.  nothing beats adding a little wood appropriate to what you're cooking tho.  i mostly use stubbs for overnight cooks as i find a firebox full with a little lump provides a longer steadier fire than...
  6. floridarandy

    Bacon Weave Tutorial

    should be a sticky!
  7. floridarandy

    Brisket Advice from First Timer

    ha...i thought about pics but with the number of details i had in my head over the 18 +hours i decided it was more important to keep a beer in my hands and not the camera....this time at least.
  8. floridarandy

    Brisket Advice from First Timer

    I'm a newbie and after a couple of successful smokes I decided to try my first Brisket for Father's Day.  We had 9 over for dinner and to be save I also planned my first Boston Butt for "just in case" pulled pork since I'd heard it was virtually foolproof.  This would be the first overnighter or...
  9. floridarandy

    Help - Strange Temp Reading - Nearing End of Cook

    this is my first brisky.  now that its getting cooked i can see where the point and flat separate.  the brisky is fat side down and i'd assumed the thicker part of the flat was at the thickest part of the packer....could it be that the flat is on top and is actually thinner as it rides up on the...
  10. floridarandy

    Help - Strange Temp Reading - Nearing End of Cook

    no bone....full packer brisket.  checked several places to be sure.
  11. floridarandy

    Help - Strange Temp Reading - Nearing End of Cook

    11 pounder on since 9 pm last nite.  Temp (Maverick 732) in thickest part of flat is 198, however, inserted in the side of the flat mid thickness its 171?  I don't want to dry out the thinner end, but how can temp here be less than nearer the point?  Probe meets resistance in the area of 171...
  12. floridarandy

    Fathers Day Smoke Help Please

    I need recommendations on cook times and IT's for a 12 lb brisket and 6 lb butt that will be served at 6pm EDT this Sunday (Fathers Day). Need to factor time for burnt end too. Using Oklahoma Joe offwet and pllan to fire with combination of Stubbs Natural briq's and Good One Lump. Also...
  13. floridarandy

    Managing Heat vs Smoke

    Johnny - good info.  Just what I and other newbies needed.
  14. floridarandy

    Managing Heat vs Smoke

    Ok, so I'm new and have only done a single smoke but it has already raised some questions... I understand the value and importance of low and slow heat.  I was able to control the OJ (16" Oklahoma Joe Classic) at 225-250 without a great deal of problem.  I used minion method that was about 2/3...
  15. floridarandy

    Old School Oklahoma Joe Begins a New Life

    alelover- yes, but thanks for the reminder.  maverick was right on 212.  initial seasoning gave me a chance to "see" how the OJ held temps and when to add wood.  also made it possible to do my income taxes while "watching" the smoker.  wonderful tool!
  16. floridarandy

    First Smoke....First Qview

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