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  1. woody1960

    Chicken Cordon Bleu ??????

    Thanks for the info.I didnt think of the foil on the bottom. I thought about putting them on the rack but figured it would block to much heat.I do qview on the next ones.We'll be having them again soo.They were awesum!
  2. woody1960

    Bacon Second Go Round

    Nice blooking bacon.1 more thing to add to my list.But 1st I need a slicer.
  3. woody1960

    Fattie help - How to

    Thank you xjcamaro,thats the info I was looking for. Now to figure out what kind to make and what to put in it. LOL
  4. woody1960

    Fattie help - How to

    I didnt see it posted.Maybe my old ass cant find it I duno but, I was wondering, how long do you smoke these for on average.  Thanks,Woody
  5. woody1960

    Enter Fattie Throwdown

    Holy $&!^ me too.Dam I am hungy now! Need details please!  OMG Food Porn! LOL  
  6. woody1960

    First Fatty

    OMG! That looks GOOOD! O yea, I will be making one of next weekend!
  7. woody1960

    Chicken Cordon Bleu ??????

    Well the wife made up about 12 of these 2 days ago.Marinated them in italin dressing and a basil/pesto sauce.Wrapped them in bacon and I let them sit overnight in the fridge. I smoked them yesterday afternoon. I used hickory and alpple chips and I also put apple sauce in with the water in the...
  8. woody1960

    My 1st Chickens!

    Thanks,Ya the pics come out mixed up.LOL Not sure what "trussed" is ?
  9. IMG01174.jpg


  10. IMG01171.jpg


  11. IMG01171.jpg


  12. IMG01164.jpg


  13. IMG01163.jpg


  14. woody1960

    My 1st Chickens!

    WOW What can I say? Had some family and friends over.So I smoked my 1st chickens today.right after if did a batch of beef jerky.It was only about 15 out side.I did them for 3 1/2 hrs in the smoker {only could get it to 225 today} then put then in the oven on 350 for about 45 min.They were done...
  15. woody1960

    My MES 30 died on Christmas morning

    WHOA, that looks awesum!...
  16. woody1960

    new with ?'s

    Bear,that is an awesum Idea! But I am afraid if I started cutting into this thing already the wife would... well you know.LOL I will think about that though.It would be easy just plug one hole and drill another.
  17. woody1960

    My MES 30 died on Christmas morning

    this idea gets my vote also.couple of wires is a lot cheaper.  
  18. woody1960

    MES 40 - Seasoning Help Needed... To Oil or Not to Oil?

    What is the purpose of oil /pam on the inside of the smoker? My manual never said anything about doing that.Just heat to300 for 3 hours,wood chips the last 45 min.Thanks
  19. woody1960

    new with ?'s

    Thats a great idea.I was thinking maybe getting a piece of tin to put over the chip box.But thew tile would soak up and distribute the heat better.
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