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  1. deer meat

    How would this work for a smoker?

    My beer fridge recently died. Before I call the scrap man would this be any good for a smoker build? I know the racks would have to go but what about the glass door?
  2. deer meat

    Looky what I got

    This butcher block has been in the family for years, but nobody has ever used it. It has been sitting in a friends barn for about 10 years. The block is 32" x 60" x 18" thick, and weights 715#'s. When we bought our house I decided to put it to use. I will not be chopping meat on it. we will be...
  3. deer meat

    I got a big ol' Butt

    My cousin recently got an account at a restaurant wholesale store. He picked me up a pork butt for $1.04 lb. I told him I needed between 18-20# for a smoke on Sunday. Well he came home with a 19.46# bone in Butt. After some quick rough calculatin' it would take around 29 hrs to smoke this bad...
  4. deer meat

    Help....Brining pork chops??????

    Hello all, This saturday I am grilling some pork chops. I would like to try brining them over night before they hit the grill tomorrow. The chops will be cut about ¾" thick, I can cut them thinner if need be. Any suggestions would be great. I need to get them started tonight though.
  5. deer meat

    Today's Meatloaf (my own concoction)

    It has been way to long since I have done a meatloaf, so here it goes here is the recipe that I have come up with. Recipe: 3# of 80/20 ground beef 1# sage sausage 1 cup chopped onion (1 medium onion) 4 cloves fresh garlic, finely chopped 2 Tblsp. worcestershire sauce 1 pkg. lipton soup mix 1...
  6. deer meat

    happy b-day to a new member!!

    Happy Birthday Rjh, I see you even joined on your birthday. Stop by roll call and properly introduce yourself to the gang.
  7. deer meat

    Kitchen Myths

    I was doing some searching on the web and came across this site. http://www.pgacon.com/KitchenMyths.htm There are some interesting and familiar topics. The one about searing meat will probably cause a stir. I don't know how valid these points are, just found it interesting. Some of the...
  8. deer meat

    Sand in the pan....how do you like it?

    Hi everyone, I have read several post on here about using sand in place of water in the water pan. I would like to get some opinions on this subject before trying it. I have a GOSM big block (propane) I have a few questions also. 1. Do you completely fill the pan with sand? 2. Can you just...
  9. deer meat

    Who has this book??

    I'm curious how many folks on here have this book? I have considered buying it, but it seems a little pricey just wondering if it is worth the cash.
  10. deer meat

    First Canadian Bacon

    I am finally getting a chance to make my long awaited Canadian Bacon. I am using the Hi-Mountain Bacon cure. The 8# loin is cut in half, trimmed of excess fat, and rubbed with the proper amount of cure. I did run into a small problem......or maybe no problem at all. The directions say to place...
  11. deer meat

    A question for Sassafras smokers?

    Who has used sassafras to smoke, and what is best smoked with this wood? If I had to guess I would say poultry or pork. Thanks
  12. deer meat

    Cool "John Deere" smoker

    This is a neat lookin smoker for sale on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.com/LARGE-ROLLING-JO...QQcmdZViewItem
  13. deer meat

    Reactive/Non reactive cookware?

    Hello everyone, I just bought a 16 quart enamel coated stock pot. My question is does the enamel coating put this in the class of non-reactive containers so I can use it for brining poultry? I would think the answer is yes. Here she is.......I can smell the chili already!!!
  14. deer meat

    How did you come up with your screen name?

    Hello all, I have been wondering about everyones screen names. Some seem obvious, some seem off the wall, some are funny...etc....etc.. How did you come up with them? What is the story behind that name? I guess I will start. A year or so ago, I was looking for some different ways to prepare...
  15. deer meat

    What is this????????

    I just bought some poultry cure from Allied Kenco. "Uncle Abe's Smoked Poultry Cure" item #81201. One of the ingredients is something that I have never heard of. 1-12 oz. bag of seasonings: contains: salt,pepper,brown sugar & FOENUGREEK .......What the heck is this stuff????
  16. deer meat

    Buckboard Bacon cure

    Is there anywhere you can order Hi mountain products without the outrageous shipping charges. I want to make some buckboard bacon.... but man they want twenty bucks to ship a seven dollar item. What is another manufacturer that sells a good cure.
  17. deer meat

    How about that "Johnson smoker"

    Those of you that get the monthly news letter have seen this. For those who don't here is a link to check it out http://hammockzzz-smokerzzz.com/_wsn/page4.html This looks like a pretty interesting idea. You could probably build one without to much trouble if you left out the dog house looking...
  18. deer meat

    John Deere Casserole

    Hello all, This is an awesome recipe I recently begged for at a picnic. Hope you all try it, you will love it! John Deere Casserole 1 pkg. 8oz. chicken biscuit crakers 1/2 cup butter or margarine-(melted) 1 10 oz. frozen chopped broccoli (thawed) 1 15-1/4 oz. whole kernal corn 1 14-3/4 oz...
  19. deer meat

    Canning question???

    I know very little about canning. My question is, can I put chili into jars and can them. I was only wondering if there was an alternative to freezing.
  20. deer meat

    this is only a test

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