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  1. up in smoke

    How many jalapenos, dja think?

    O.K. Let me pose this scenario, I’m gonna make 10 lbs. of hot stick, 5 with hi-temp cheese and 5 plain, however I’m gonna add minced jalapenos to all 10 lbs. How many do ya think, and yet not over power, as the mix is already rather spicy (Con Yeager). I sure would appreciate some input, please...
  2. up in smoke

    Sausage stuffer thread

    There was a thread on economical sausage stuffers (not the worm gear ones like Kitchen Aid attachments) and I can’t seem to find it…can any one help an old feeble elder in his (probably last) quest in life! Bless you! And me with no prehensil tail to speak of, elst I would be a chasin’ it!
  3. up in smoke

    Poor Starving Waifs!

    You will get a kick outa this…the grandkids got dropped off at my place around six this evening (no school tomorrow), they just had their traditional Easter dinner at their other grandmas and were absolutely stuffed-couldnâ€8482t eat another bite when I asked them if they were hungry. My wife...
  4. up in smoke


    I thought this was hilarious!
  5. up in smoke

    Footed Brazier

    Vulcan, Sorry…I misunderstood ya, mine is a replica and that is what I cook on when I camp at a primitive rendezvous (French Indian War period), even made jerky and smoked fish on it! [/IMG]
  6. up in smoke

    Saints Preserve Us!

    SOME IRISH HUMOR Paddy was driving down the street in a sweat because he had an important meeting and couldn't find a parking place. Looking up to heaven he said, "Lord take pity on me. If you find me a parking place I will go to Mass every Sunday for the rest of me life and give...
  7. up in smoke

    Irish vs. English

    This is the transcript of the ACTUAL radio conversation between the British and the Irish, off the coast of Kerry in October 1998. Radio conversation released by the Chief of Naval Operations 10-10-01: IRISH: Please divert your course 15 degrees to the South, to avoid a collision...
  8. up in smoke

    Leprechaun Sauce

    Man, I tried an oh so simple new sauce today with my corned beef and cabbage, and I couldn’t believe how good it was! I wet cooked my brisket most of the day and finished it like a ham (studded, glazed and all that) I cooked my cabbage, early redskins and carrots in the leftover liquids. Today I...
  9. up in smoke

    I can’t wait til Spring!

    Heck, It isnâ€8482t THAT cold…I gots to have some R…I…B…S! Couldnâ€8482t pass it up at Sams…6 lbs. for $19 bucks for BabyBacks! Thatâ€8482s a good price around here!
  10. up in smoke

    Mixin Spices

    Over the years, being a graphic artist, Iâ€8482ve developed a tech of arthritis in my right hand (no biggie), but when Iâ€8482m mixing spices in my coarse ground sausage meat the cold damn near kills me! I wonder if using my wifeâ€8482s heavy duty KitchenAid mixer with that big paddle would be...
  11. up in smoke

    Smoked Pork Szechuan

    Well smoked a rubless Boston Butt Sunday, but it was so cold, the kids didnâ€8482t show, so the missus and I had Yukon Gold smashed potatoes and Hot Pork sammiches w/Pork Gravy last night. So tonight I grabbed 4 or 5 thick slices of that lovely smoked pork, cut em into strips and whipped me up a...
  12. up in smoke

    Pork Butt w/gravy

    What is a good rub for a butt that will be for sliced pork & gravy sammiches? I figure lots of fresh cracked pepper, some good sea salt and maybe a little ground cayenne, 5 spice and thyme or maybe rubbed sage…waddya think? :roll:
  13. up in smoke

    New JD Sausage kicks!

    Have any of you hotheads tried Jimmy Deanâ€8482s Country Bold Seriously Hot fatties? Now thatâ€8482s what Iâ€8482m talkinâ€8482 about!
  14. up in smoke

    SATB slaw?

    Can anyone tell me how SATB slaw differentiates from regular cole slaw? :oops: Saw it on a new Texas Q shack menu in my area. (Pittsburgh)
  15. up in smoke

    Fishnet Stockings… ooh la la!!

    Yâ€8482now how that pork loin is more slab shaped, well I would like my canadian bacon to be more round, but I didnâ€8482t want to put it in a fiberous artificial sausage casing cause I donâ€8482t see how the smoke could get to the meat (plus they are a pain in the a$$ to stuff in there) so I...
  16. up in smoke

    Split limb hunting bow

    I have a High Country Split Force hunting bow that my wife got for me for Christmas 3 days before an auto accident a few years ago. Needless to say the bow has never been to full draw. (the peep hasnâ€8482t even been served). She paid $540 for it new. It just hangs on my gunrack, Iâ€8482m tired...
  17. up in smoke

    No General Tso’s tonight!

    I promised the grandkids that I would whip up a batch of General Tsoâ€8482s Chicken because they donâ€8482t care for saurkraut & pork (a PA new Years tradition), so I pulled 2 big packages of thighs to thaw. A little later…plans altered, they wonâ€8482t be coming afterall! Damn! What to do...
  18. up in smoke

    Cookie mill

    :shock: I made the stupid mistake of laughingly telling my wife she should do her christmas cookies in my smoker because of the capacity. DUH! Guess who spent his afternoon baking snickerdoodles for a trial run! Of coarse I had to constantly perform cookie samplings. Itâ€8482s a tough...
  19. up in smoke

    My poor Buddy!

    My best friend asked if I would smoke a turkey for him for Thanksgiving, of course I said. So I did a mesquite smoke on a 48 hr. brined bird. Went fine. I called him to pick it up, which he did, and he gave me rolls and sweet dough bread his daughter had just baked (yumm!) He raved how good the...
  20. up in smoke

    Mesquite Smoked Turkey!

    :shock: Like I said earlier, Iâ€8482m tired of paying $8.00 lb. for smoked deli turkey slices. Now all I need is some pumpernickel, cucumber slices and a little mayo. Gobble Gobble!
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