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  1. bamaboy

    Thank you for your prayers

    Well we made it thru the tornado,my family's ok.We lost a cat and a lot of possessions,but all the stuff can be replaced.I lost my mes,my gas grill and all my smoking/cooking tools but my rf build survived.it was tossed about 30 ft ,broke the latched and gauges but didn't break a weld,lol.I will...
  2. bamaboy


    Hello all,has anyone had any dealings with lightobject.com.There prices seem a little to good to be true.PIDs for 35-40 bucks?.I have no idea about these things but have been researching for a build and found this website.any advise or input appreciated
  3. bamaboy

    Whole Doe

    Hello everyone,My buddy gave me a whole doe cleaned and ready to cook,my problem is we had to freeze it whole.any suggestions on thawing a whole animal.also would it be better to cut it up and smoke or could I smoke it whole.She is about 60 lbs cleaned.any tips on cooking...
  4. bamaboy


    HELLO EVERYBODY AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING.I have been trying to come up with a different idea for the door on my rf build.I am thinking about a vogelzang kit,this would also give me 6 inch exhaust damper.what do y'all think.
  5. bamaboy

    My First Build

    Hey guys and gals,I thought i would share some pics of my progress.I know its not much to look at yet,but i cant quit thinking about what else i could do.I am surprised i have not got any flack at work yet.making parts,sneaking scrap while nobodies looking.he he.any way.this started life as a 80...
  6. bamaboy

    Exhaust Cap

    Hey everyone,can someone tell me where i might be able to buy a cap for my exhaust.I was planning on using a 5 inch pipe(have plenty).I found some very expensive ones for chimneys.Hoping for something a little more budget friendly
  7. bamaboy

    newbie to the forum

    Hey everybody,finally joined been nosing around for a while.I love this forum.so does my family.I am from Hueytown al.I have been cooking and smoking for close to 15 years. always glad to learn something new and boy have you guys/gals showed me.thanks to you all for the tips i have already learned.
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