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  1. deuc224

    So its day 42 of my dry aged prime NY strip loin roast........

    So it started life as a 15.33 pound prime NY strip loin roast and ended its life after trimming at 4.06 pounds of 8 NY strip steaks. Cost was 122 for the roast so it comes to about 30 dollars a pound wow. I threw on in the sous vide for 1.5 hours and torched it with salt and pepper to give it...
  2. deuc224

    Made pops brine bacon, meh

    Just wanted to say that pops brine is an insult to making bacon because it has ruined bacon for me period! Pops i will never forgive you for this, i cannot eat store bought bacon anymore because its so salty, i need that slightly sweet and salty flavor that i cant get anywhere else but my...
  3. deuc224

    Dry aging chuck?

    Hey guys, i was wondering if anyone here has dry aged chuck yet?  I had a burger ground from chuck yesterday and it was such a revelation that i figured dry aging a chuck could have some seriously epic results.  The fresh ground chuck was better than 90% of the stuff ive had even in restaurants...
  4. deuc224

    Dry Aging meat in (kinda) spare fridge?

    Hey everyone, so my icemaker went out a few months ago and ive replaced all parts and lines in the fridge and it worked for about 3 hours and went back to producing no ice.  I decided to buy another fridge and use the no ice making one for beer storage and the occasional corned beef making...
  5. deuc224

    225 vs 275

    Hey guys and gals.  I recently made a texas style brisket and it turned out phenomenal, i smoked it at 225 for about 13 hours on a 10 pound brisket and everyone was happy to say the least.  This weekend we are getting together and my dad is smoking a pork shoulder and i said i would do the...
  6. deuc224

    Optimum holding temps and places

    Hey everyone, I'm sitting here still waiting for some info on my smoker to pop up and was thinking of holding temps.  What is the best temp to hold cuts of meats such as brisket, pork, baby backs, St louis, etx.. ?  Im planning on breaking in the new smoker with a family smokeout and need some...
  7. deuc224

    We are making chuckies go up

    Seems like chuck roast is the new flavor of the month and now its getting pretty expensive here in EPT.  Is it our fault on smoking meats that we push prices higher LOL!!!!
  8. deuc224

    So I bought a Traeger.........

    While im waiting to receive it, i thought the one upgrade I just had to do is get the pellet pro PID.  Was this a smart move or me just acting dumb and blowing money on things i dont need?  I figured if i was gonna do it might as well do it right.
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